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Information Security Support Agreements

What's the benefit of an information security support agreement?

Considering the increasing importance of information security, the number of organisations that allow an amount for contingencies in their Information Security budget is alarmingly low.

Unexpected events can be a drain on both time and resources, and can leave organisations with inadequate finances to allocate to resolving the problem.

Our Information Security Support Agreement enables clients to ensure that their security-related systems, processes and knowledge are maintained at the highest level. Our Agreement is the single source for all Information Security requirements, delivering peace of mind through:

  • Monthly meviews of information security concerns;
  • Guidance on responding to key strategic threats;
  • Availability to answer any questions you may have;
  • Training, education & awareness support;
  • Management reviews; and
  • Continuous improvement support.

Clients will have access to a full range of services, including:

  • Computer Forensics and Data Recovery;
  • ISO27001 and Security Audits;
  • Gap Analysis;
  • Penetration Testing;
  • Education, Training;
  • Regular Security Reviews and Health Checks; and
  • Professional Services.
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