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Training aids to support your staff awareness programme

Training aids are an excellent educational tool to teach staff about critical business issues including information security, data protection and cyber security.

  • Simplify complex messages and ideas so non-technical staff can grasp them easily.
  • Encourage learning in a low-pressure environment with interactive tools.
  • Involve staff across the business to understand and discuss issues affecting their work.
  • Training aids are a low-cost, effective and engaging tool that can be easily incorporated into your staff awareness programme.

How IT Governance can help you

Designed to support your staff awareness programme, our suite of training aids can help improve staff knowledge and encourage best practice. 

Information Security Awareness Posters

Reinforce the importance of information security and promote a strong information security stance within your organisation with these effective, engaging staff awareness posters.

Encourage your staff to be alert, vigilant and secure around information security, focusing on the following top staff awareness issues:

  • Staff awareness and negligence.
  • Avoiding a data breach.
  • Data security threats in your surroundings.
  • Keeping safe online.
  • Handling and reporting a data breach.

Phishing Awareness Posters

Educate your staff on the steps they can take to prevent falling victim to a phishing attack.

Encourage your staff to be alert, vigilant and secure when using the Internet or email in the workplace. These posters focus on the following issues:

  • Even a seemingly friendly email, text or social media message can be a phishing threat.
  • The business impact of falling victim to a phishing attack.
  • How to prevent falling victim to a phishing attack.
  • How to spot a phishing threat.
  • The types of phishing attacks to be aware of.

The ISMS Card Game

Enhance staff knowledge of an ISO 27001 information security management system (ISMS) with this interactive card game. 

The cards can be used in a variety of learning environments to help staff identify the key elements of an ISMS, as well as how to manage the critical issues they may face when implementing one.

Data Protection Awareness Posters

Support your Data Protection Awareness initiative with these thought-provoking posters. An ideal resource to display around your office reminds staff about data protection.

Speak to an expert

Speak to one of our experts for more information on our training aids or guidance on implementing a staff awareness programme.