Cyber Security Webinars

Transform your security posture by attending our live cyber resilience webinar series

An organisation’s survival is increasingly dependent on its ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber attacks.

Cyber resilience helps organisations protect themselves from cyber risks, defend against and limit the severity of attacks, and ensure that business operations continue to function effectively.

Cyber Security webinars on demand

Online panel discussion – COVID-19 – Risks and opportunities post-lockdown

With restrictions to contain the COVID-19 pandemic easing and the world coming out of lockdown, many organisations are now preparing for a phased return to work.

As the lockdown comes to an end, organisations will inevitably face increased pressure to take the necessary measures to handle privacy and cyber risks – and to avoid fines for non-compliance – as they re-establish operations.

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Online panel discussion – COVID-19 Cyber Risk and Data Privacy Response

The sudden global shift to remote working has brought unprecedented changes to social and work habits, and introduced new cyber risks and data privacy challenges that affect the way organisations need to operate.

As most employees are working from home, they may be accessing and processing information outside the organisation’s normal security perimeter, which increases the risk of a data breach. With cyber criminals employing sophisticated phishing tactics and malicious websites to target staff by impersonating credible information sources around COVID-19, organisations need to implement security measures to address these challenges.

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Managing cyber security and privacy risks with inadequate resources


The multi-faceted aspects of cyber security risks and data privacy regulations have led to an increased demand for scarce cyber security skills.

With the cyber security skills gap continuing to increase, many organisations are struggling to find the expertise they need to address their cyber security challenges.

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Surviving tomorrow’s cyber-attacks: resilience and cost-reduction

Initiating a cyber resilience strategy requires identifying the high-value assets within your organisation and their associated risks to strategically target areas for improvement. This webinar will help you understand how to start building cyber resilience.

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Cyber Essentials plays a key role in the Cyber Resilience Strategy for Scotland and the rest of the UK

Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and severity to such an extent that it’s no longer enough to trust that you can defend against every potential attack. Statistics suggest that it is inevitable that your organisation will suffer a data breach.

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