Free PDF download: Assured Security – Getting cyber secure with penetration testing

Information is the lifeblood of the modern business, so ensuring the security of that information should be a key goal for all organisations. To achieve that, business leaders must implement the right solutions to protect their assets from cyber threats.

Unfortunately for organisations, cyber attacks are extraordinarily cheap to conduct, which puts attackers at a significant advantage. Furthermore, the low costs make even the smallest business a potential target; there is no ‘security through anonymity’.

Luckily, to combat this, cyber security specialists have developed affordable, targeted methods of preventing such attacks from being successful.

Download this paper to discover:

  • What penetration testing is and how it works;
  • The types of vulnerabilities that can go undetected for months;
  • Why penetration tests are the best solution to uncovering vulnerabilities before criminals do; and
  • The different types of penetration test.

Published: February 2022
Keywords: Penetration testing, cyber security

Assured Security – Getting cyber secure with penetration testing - free pdf
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