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Cyber Health Check delivers robust data protection for market research organisatio

Bolton Ltd provides market research solutions and collects, analyses and processes customer feedback on behalf of its clients. Conducting market research often involves the collection, transfer and storage of sensitive data, so data security and privacy safeguards are paramount business objectives.

Bolton Ltd wanted to assure clients and internal stakeholders that all appropriate data security measures were being undertaken. The end result is a thorough and detailed high-level report that presents the audit findings and suggests practical implementations to improve overall physical and virtual security.


  • Factors affecting data security;
  • Risk exposure through a three-phase audit:
    • Security architecture audit
    • Technical audit
    • Governance audit
  • Vulnerabilities by scanning the organisation’s URL and wireless system using penetration testing techniques; and
  • Organisational mindset through staff questionnaires.

Download this case study to learn how IT Governance determines.

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