Free PDF download: Cyber Security 101 – A guide for SMEs

Looking for an introduction to cyber security?

Cyber security requires careful coordination of people, processes and technology. But many SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) don’t know where to begin, and often start at a disadvantage due to a lack of understanding and resources, resulting in a route that’s not always the best or most affordable way to effective security.

Download ‘Cyber Security 101 – A guide for SMEs’ to find out how to get started with the basics of cyber security while keeping costs at a minimum.

Download our free cyber security guide and discover:

  • Common cyber security myths, and how you can avoid taking the wrong decisions;
  • Key considerations for developing your cyber security strategy; and
  • Effective and affordable cyber security measures to immediately start improving your security posture.

Published: August 2020
Keywords: Cyber security, SMEs

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