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Whatever your consultancy needs – or budget –we are here to help. If our fixed-price solutions don’t look to be the right fit for your organisation, we can tailor them to meet your needs, or put together an entirely new package specifically for you. Get in touch today using the icons below to talk to us about your requirements and get a no-obligation quote.

Access our expertise whenever you need it with an annual subscription

If you require access to expertise all year round but lack the internal resources, our managed services provide the consultancy support you need, when you need it.

Get unlimited advice, hands-on implementation support, staff training, documentation, relationship management with your certification body, and more.

Cyber security and information security

Cyber Security as a Service

Cyber Security as a Service

Outsource your cyber security management to the experts. We will provide unlimited access to a cyber security specialist, cyber security assessments and reports, policies and procedures, staff awareness training, vulnerability scanning, and more.

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CISOaaS (Chief Information Security Officer as a Service)

CISOaaS (Chief Information Security Officer as a Service)

If you require a CISO but lack the resources, our team of cyber security experts can provide the leadership you need to ensure your organisation can operate safely and securely.

CISOaaS can:

  • Deliver a cost-effective way of managing your cyber security risks;
  • Provide an extension to your existing information security capability, backed by world-class expertise; and
  • Identify your information security maturity level and develop a strategy to help you create a suitable programme to reduce your risks and meet your regulatory requirements.

Learn more about Chief Information Security Officer as a Service

ISO 27001 FastTrack™ Managed Service

ISO 27001 FastTrack™ Managed Service

ISO 27001 FastTrack™ clients can outsource the ongoing management of their ISMS to ISO 27001 specialists.

This service provides an ISMS manager to help you manage your ISMS and develop it in line with your organisation’s needs.

Our consultant will:

  • Manage and maintain your ISMS, including providing internal audit and other services;
  • Improve and customise your information security processes to address your specific risks and business objectives;
  • Facilitate management reviews and continual improvement processes;
  • Oversee a programme to improve information security awareness across the organisation; and
  • Help you develop the skills needed to manage, maintain and improve your ISMS.

Learn more about the ISO 27001 FastTrack™ Managed Service

Business continuity

ISO 22301 BCMS Managed Service

ISO 22301 BCMS Managed Service

ave time and effort managing your ISO 22301-compliant BCMS (business continuity management system) by outsourcing it to our experts.

Benefit from the expertise of a business continuity specialist, who will manage, maintain, audit and continually improve your BSMS.

This service includes:

  • Relationship management with your certification body;
  • Ongoing BCMS maintenance support;
  • Biannual staff training and awareness;
  • Assistance with the management review process; and
  • A focus on continual improvement.

Learn more about the ISO 22301 BCMS Managed Service



DPO as a Service

DPO as a Service

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018, certain organisations must appoint a DPO (data protection officer).

Other organisations might choose to appoint one to oversee their data protection activities and perform certain tasks as set out in law.

A DPO has the same legal status whether the appointment is voluntary or mandatory. If you need a DPO but lack the necessary internal resources, you can outsource the role to an expert.

With DPOaaS (DPO as a Service), you can benefit from a dedicated, independent DPO who has no conflict of interest with your other business operations.

This service, delivered by our sister company GRCI Law, includes:

  • A GDPR documentation review, a gap analysis to determine the extent of your compliance with the Regulation, and a remedial action plan to help you fill those compliance gaps;
  • Unlimited access to GDPR advice and expertise; and
  • An official point of contact with supervisory authorities on all data protection matters.

Learn more about DPOaaS

DSAR (data subject access request) as a Service

DSAR (data subject access request) as a Service

Under Article 15 of the GDPR, data controllers are obliged to confirm to data subjects whether their personal data is being processed.

If it is, the controllers must provide them with a copy of that personal data, as well as certain other information within one month.

If you need help facilitating data subjects’ right of access, our DSARaaS (Data Subject Access Request as a Service) will ensure you meet your obligations.

Delivered by our sister company GRCI Law, this service will:

  • Review and assess the validity of each DSAR;
  • Verify the data subject’s identity;
  • Locate the relevant data;
  • Obtain third-party consent where necessary;
  • Formally disclose the data to the data subject;
  • Keep appropriate records; and
  • Liaise with the supervisory authority where necessary.

Learn more about DSARaaS

DSP Toolkit

All organisations that access NHS patient data and systems must demonstrate their compliance with the DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care)’s data security and information governance requirements.

This is achieved by submitting an annual self-assessment using the DSP (Data Security and Protection) Toolkit.

Our healthcare specialists can help you ensure your data security and protection practices meet the DSP Toolkit’s requirements.

DSP Toolkit Managed Service for Implementation

DSP Toolkit Managed Service for Implementation

This annual service:

  • Provides a detailed review of your current data security and protection compliance posture;
  • Conducts the necessary assessments with key staff;
  • Provides recommendations for remedial action;
  • Updates any required evidence in line with the latest version of the Toolkit; and
  • Assists with your annual online submission.

Learn more about the DSP Toolkit Managed Service for Implementation

DSP Toolkit FastTrack™ Managed Service

DSP Toolkit FastTrack™ Managed Service

This three-year service for Category 3 organisations will:

  • Undertake a full review of your data security and compliance regime;
  • Review existing controls and recommend any additional controls based on the DSP Toolkit specifications;
  • Review your DPIA (data protection impact assessment) process and recommend improvements;
  • Implement the necessary business continuity and incident reporting procedures;
  • Update and/or develop any required evidence in the form of policies and procedures to support the compliance programme; and
  • Help you complete the Toolkit submission and provide all necessary supporting documentation and evidence as required.

Learn more about the DSP Toolkit FastTrack™ Managed Service

Gambling Commission

Gambling Commission Security Audit – Managed Service

Gambling Commission Security Audit – Managed Service

The UK Gambling Commission requires all remote gambling operators to complete an annual third-party security audit against particular sections of ISO 27001, and submit a report as evidence of compliance.

Our Managed Service offers you the maximum support and guidance throughout this process to give you the greatest chance of audit success.

Learn more about the Gambling Commission Security Audit – Managed Service

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