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Live Online Consultancy

Have you ever needed access to consultancy support for just one or two issues, but don't want to engage consultants for weeks, days or years?

Have you ever wanted answers to key questions – and wanted those answers now – but found that you have to wait days for a consultant to be able to come and visit?

IT Governance’s Live Online consultancy service enables you to purchase consultancy support by the hour. We then deliver the consultancy support you need by whatever combination of email, live chat, telephone and WebEx that works for you, and at a time that you agree. We can usually have someone available to talk to you within hours.

How does Live Online consultancy work?

It's really straightforward: you purchase the number of hours’ consultancy support you think you will need, in one-hour blocks.

We track the time we spend dealing with your issue, which means that you can keep coming back to us until your purchased block of time is used up, after which you can order additional blocks of time if needed.

All of our Live Online consultancy services are delivered under the terms of our mutual confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Discover our bestselling Live Online consultancy services:

Live Online consultancy by the hour

Consultancy by the Hour - IT Governance LiveOnline!

Our Live Online Consultancy service enables you to purchase consultancy support by the hour. Enabling you to receive the consultancy support you need quickly and cost-effectively. Our consultants provide support across ISO/IEC, PCI DSS and the entire range of issues that face organisations tackling information security implementation.

Live Online Cyber Essentials consultancy

Cyber Essentials LiveOnline Consultancy

IT Governance can help your organisation achieve certification to both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. This online consultancy service is ideal for companies not certain about the requirements of the scheme, which option to choose, or how to define the scope of the certification.

Live Online GDPR consultancy

Live Online GDPR Consultancy

The GDPR is complex in scope and application. IT Governance’s Live Online and Ask Us services offers an affordable, accessible way to bridge the expertise gap. With Live Online consultancy, you can access an experienced data protection consultant, and our Ask Us Service will take you through to a specialist GDPR consultant. Both services make it quick and easy to get practical advice and guidance from a consultant by email or live chat.

Live Online ISO 27001 consultancy

ISO27001 LiveOnline Consultancy

Have you ever needed access to live ISO27001 consultancy support on just one or two issues but didn't want to engage consultants for weeks, days or years? ISO 27001 LiveOnline Consultancy provides quick, expert online consultancy support on specific issues whenever you need guidance with your ISO27001 implementation.

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