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Enhance your organisation’s cyber security. Book your free assessment today
Complete Staff Awareness E-learning Suite

Complete Staff Awareness E-learning Suite

SKU: 5436
Format: 51 - 100 users
Format: 101 - 150 users
Format: 151 - 200 users
Format: 201 - 250 users
Format: 251 - 350 users
Format: 351 - 500 users
Format: 501 - 750 users
Format: 751 - 1000 users
Format: 1 - 50 users
Format: 1 - 2 users only

Enhance your security measures

Empower your team with comprehensive staff awareness elearning programmes and engaging challenge games that have been designed to cultivate best-practice processes. Buy this suite today to:

  • Equip your staff to identify and address cyber security and privacy risks, fortifying your organisation’s protection;
  • Navigate data protection and information security legislation effortlessly, ensuring adherence and mitigating risks;
  • Test learner knowledge to prove compliance for auditing purposes;
  • Train staff under one manageable contract with cost-effective annual licences;
  • Benefit from the knowledge of industry experts as our programmes are updated every three months to ensure the content is relevant and effective;
  • Gain access to any new content we release throughout your year-long contract;
  • Customise the courses by adding links to company documents, policies and procedures;
  • Gain instant access to all the courses.
  • Reinforce awareness with monthly security updates, which include the latest news and tips.

This is an annual subscription product, however you can cancel at any time. (T&Cs apply) 

Step 1 - Select number of users
Annual subscription year 1
Price: £80.00
ex. VAT
Annual subscription thereafter £68.00ex. VAT
Step 2 - Select number of licences

 Why prioritise staff awareness in your organisation?

 Empower your staff

Elevate your team’s competence by providing consistent, high-quality training on their responsibilities.

 Reinforce awareness

Refresh staff understanding as part of a continual awareness programme with annual licences.

 Safeguard your assets

Proactively reduce the risk of data breaches and security incidents by arming your team with best-practice procedures.

 Strengthen your defences

Investing in expensive technology won’t help if your staff don’t know or understand their responsibilities.

 Prevent penalities

Educate your team on GDPR consequences, preventing penalties that could cost you 4% of your global annual turnover.

 Demonstrate competence

Empower your employees to demonstrate their competence in multiple governance, risk management and compliance disciplines with digital badges. These can be included in email signatures and shared on social platforms.

What's included?

E-Learning courses:

Challenge games:

Why choose IT Governance?

  • Shop with confidence – more than 1,000 organisations use our elearning courses, and we’ve trained more than 100,000 professionals.
  • Industry experts develop our staff awareness training, so you can be safe in the knowledge the content is accurate and up to date.
  • Guaranteed results – track progress and run reports on completion for auditing purposes.
  • Fast, easy deployment that’s compatible with any device, including desktop computer, mobile and tablet.
  • Customise the learner experience by adding your company branding in the LMS (learning management system) and include links to relevant documents (e.g. social media policy).
  • Flexible payment with annual renewals.
  • Our elearning team is on hand to support and guide you throughout the deployment.

Begin your journey to enhanced staff awareness, fortified security and compliance excellence. Let IT Governance be your partner in safeguarding your organisation’s future.


Key features

Annual licence

This is a one-year, renewable licence.

Short duration

Our e-learning courses are easy-to-use, concise and ideal for initial and repeat engagement.

Engaging course contents

The courses offer in-depth, engaging content and activities.

Test staff understanding

The assessments include randomly selected multiple-choice questions to help consolidate learning.

Retake as many times as you need

The assessments can be retaken as many times as needed until the pass mark has been achieved.

Audit trail

Track participation and test results to demonstrate compliance should you be audited.

Multiple hosting options

Our e-learning courses are hosted on our LMS to save you time on deployment. If you’d like to host it on your own LMS, read more about our hosting options.

Reinforce awareness

Free monthly security bulletin that includes the latest news and tips

Digital badges

Showcase your employee’s knowledge in core areas your customers are concerned about. Our digital badges are available from the LMS and can be used on email signatures and social profiles.

Licence types

What’s the difference between individual licences and corporate licences?

Individual e-learning licences are best suited to single users that require easy and immediate implementation of staff awareness solutions.

You can purchase up to two individual e-learning licences at a time, and you can assign licences to your staff via your Account area.

Individual licences are hosted on the following LMS:

Corporate e-learning licences are best suited to organisations that require complete oversight of the implementation and uptake of their staff awareness programme.

Corporate e-learning licences allow you to monitor course and exam completion, including exam scores, and export reports to demonstrate your organisation’s collective understanding of the subject. You can also customise the look and feel of the LMS (learning management system) area for a more corporate learning experience.

You can purchase up to 1,000 corporate e-learning licences at a time, and you can assign the licences to your staff via the LMS.

Corporate licences are hosted on the following LMS:

Need more than 1,000 licences?

If you require more than 1,000 licences, please speak to one of our experts. This will help us understand your requirements and scope so we can send you a tailored quote.

Bespoke options

If you would prefer a fully customised course or want to speak about hosting options on your branded LMS, please contact our team.


GRC eLearning

Our e-learning courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant and are hosted on the LMS of our sister company, GRC eLearning Ltd.

GRC eLearning specialises in cyber security and data protection e-learning solutions and offer customisation, bespoke solutions and free trials.

Annual renewal

This is an annual subscription product, but you can cancel at any time.

Your first subscription payment will be taken on the day of purchase, and your first annual subscription payment will be taken 12 months after your first payment. (T&Cs apply.)

If you wish to cancel your subscription, simply log in to your account and visit your subscriptions page, where you can manage, edit and cancel your subscriptions at any time.

If you have purchased 1–2 individual licences

After you have completed your order, you will receive a sales receipt and a “Thank you for your order” confirmation email detailing the following steps (if you don’t receive these emails, please check your junk folder):

  1. For the delegates to access the e-learning courses, you must add their details in your Account area. Please note that delegates must access the course via the link in the welcome email from the LMS to activate the e-learning course.
  2. Please provide the required delegate information if you haven’t already done so. You can do this by logging in to your Account page and scrolling down to ‘E-learning Courses’, where you can select ‘Add delegate(s)’. Please ensure this information is correct as it cannot be amended once saved.
  3. Delegates will receive an email with a link to the course. New delegates will receive an email with login details for the GRC eLearning LMS.
  4. Individual licences are hosted on the following LMS:

If you have purchased 1–1,000 corporate licences

After you have completed your order, you will receive a sales receipt and a “Thank you for your order” email detailing the following steps (if you don’t receive these emails, please check your junk folder):

  1. Please provide the required delegate information if you haven’t already done so. You can do this by logging in to your Account page and scrolling down to ‘E-learning Courses’, where you can select ‘Add company details’.
  2. If you are a new customer, you will need to register your company and add an administrator. You will then receive a welcome email confirming the registered details. Please keep this safe as it will contain important information required for future e-learning licence purchases. Your assigned administrator will also receive an email detailing the next steps.
  3. If you have already registered your company, please enter your Company ID (Short Name) when prompted and click ‘Save’.
  4. Your assigned administrator will now be able to manage the booking via the GRC eLearning LMS. To log in to the LMS, you will need to use the email address provided at the time the company details were added.
  5. Corporate licences are hosted on the following LMS:

Need more information or support?

Check our FAQ page for more information about our e-learning courses. Alternatively, take a look at our 12-month support package which provides extra technical support on hosting and managing administration of this course for the duration of the contract.

Technical information

Our e-learning courses have been designed to work on the following browsers and mobile apps:

  • Windows: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • Mac: Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 12 or later, Google Chrome in Apple iOS 12 or later and Google Chrome in Android OS 6 or later.

Please ensure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser, and that font downloads is enabled to see the correct fonts and characters in the course.

Note that older browsers may encounter playback issues related to browser feature releases, so we strongly recommend using the latest browser version for the best experience.

Customer Reviews

(4.50)stars out of 5
Number of reviews: 8
1. on 05/04/2023, said:
5 stars out of 5
I purchased this product to gain an understanding of Cyber Security Training needs within the company. All of the modules contained great content and was simple and easy to use. It was beneficial being able to carry out the e-learning in my own time. I particularly found the Information Security and ISO 27001 e-learning useful and has helped to assist in achieving ISO27001 certification.
2. on 08/03/2023, said:
5 stars out of 5
Very easy to use and easy to track when staff have completed!
3. on 16/08/2022, said:
4 stars out of 5
Completely worthwhile and value package - supplied quickly from the point of purchase - Recommended
4. on 14/02/2022, said:
5 stars out of 5
Really easy and simple booking process and supplied very quick by the GRC E-Learning Team. The courses are easy to navigate and staff have learnt a great deal from the informative content. Given the subjects covered by the package, I consider this superb value for money and can also recommend this method of learning - 5 stars and 10 out of 10! I have to say that Kevin Downs in the Client Engagement Team was extremely helpful and personable as were any others in ITG/GRC teams that I spoke with. There is always someone available on the phone to provide quick responses which was very helpful indeed. Would 200% USE AGAIN.
5. on 26/01/2022, said:
4 stars out of 5
Very simple ordering process with all the courses supplied quickly by IT Governance. A complete all-in-one solution that represents excellent value for money - Recommended
6. on 21/01/2022, said:
5 stars out of 5
Completely straightforward ordering process followed by swift receipt of the courses which were needed by our company to address the Cyber Security Training needs of the company. I completely feel the package represented good value for money and recommend the content and the distance learning method of delivery.
7. on 21/01/2022, said:
4 stars out of 5
The ordering process was very simple and we were helped along the way by IT Governance support staff with access to the courses being very quick indeed. The courses were fairly simple to operate, so didn't require any major instructions to our employees - they all seemed to go off and do them all very competently by themselves. I would consider it value for money as we managed to get all the required courses, which suited our company size perfectly. I would recommend it wholeheartedly.
8. on 25/11/2020, said:
4 stars out of 5
Good online product, although there is a lot of repetition and some of the reporting is cumbersome
Showing comments 1-8 of 8
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