IT GOVERNANCE COMMENTS: British Airways customer data theft


Following the much publicised British Airways hack IT Governance Executive Chairman and CEO Alan Calder has questioned the strength of the company’s security defenses which led to the breach. 

380,000 transactions have been affected by the hack with the airline confirming personal and financial details of customers making bookings had been compromised. 

Alan Calder has given his expert opinion on today’s news. He said: “The response by British Airways to its customers has been prompt but the sheer scale of the hack calls into question the level of security at which BA is operating. The type of data which BA says has been compromised is a major threat to its customers and could lead to the possibility of identity theft.

“Our #BreachReady campaign, which was setup earlier this summer, enables organisations to protect themselves from the potential damage associated with data breaches. On this occasion BA’s systems have been compromised and their #BreachReady credentials are being scrutinised.” 

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