IT Governance launches DPA 2018 training course to support the development of data protection professionals


IT Governance, the leading provider of cyber risk and privacy management solutions, has launched its Data Protection Act 2018 Training Course to help professionals better understand current data protection legislation.
The UK’s DPA (Data Protection Act) 2018 complements the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It states how the Regulation should be implemented and provides supplementary information on data processing that the GDPR leaves to individual member states to decide. For instance, the Act specifies the age (13) at which someone is no longer a child, covers the duties and functions of the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and discusses processing that does not fall under EU law.
IT Governance’s DPA 2018 training course aims to consolidate professionals’ knowledge of existing data protection legislation, which is why a solid understanding of the GDPR, gained through IT Governance’s GDPR Foundation training course or equivalent, is a prerequisite for taking the course.
Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, said: “A worrying number of organisations are sitting on a ticking timebomb when it comes to data protection compliance. Although our GDPR Implementation Review revealed that 54.5% of the organisations surveyed have started compliance project, there is still a significant amount of work to do. In the current climate of political uncertainty, particularly in the UK, confusion is to be expected; however, organisations caught not complying will not be able to claim ignorance to the ICO.
“With our DPA 2018 training course and a solid foundation knowledge of the GDPR, you can be sure that you are at least aware of the consequences and informed of what is expected of you and your organisation, before and after Brexit.”
The Data Protection Act 2018 Training Course is available in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Manchester, and will help you:
  • Understand the differences between the DPA 1998, the GDPR and the DPA 2018;
  • Know when and how to process special categories of personal data relating to criminal convictions or offences;
  • Understand the obligations placed on data controllers and processors in relation to law enforcement and intelligence;
  • Describe the rights that a data subject has in relation to their personal data;
  • Explain how personal data can be transferred securely to a third country;
  • List the functions and roles of the ICO;
  • Describe the rights and obligations of the ICO.
IT Governance provides complete cyber risk and privacy management solutions tailored to each organisation’s needs and demands. This includes training courses, documentation toolkits, consultancy, compliance software and more.

For more information about IT Governance’s DPA and GDPR training courses, please visit the website, email or call +44 (0)333 800 7000.
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