IT Governance and premier Microsoft security partner Softwerx launch strategic partnership  


Cyber security leaders IT Governance and Softwerx have launched an exciting new collaboration. This provides organisations with an integrated trio of cyber security services that neatly dovetail into one another and provide end-to-end protection against cyber threats. The package comprises protecting your live environment with Softwerx’s custom-built, Microsoft-based 24x7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service; testing for weak spots with penetration testing; and cyber incident response support, should the worst happen. 

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What the partnership means for your organisation 

The renewed partnership between IT Governance and Softwerx reinforcestheir shared mission to enhance organisations’ resilience against cyber threats. Through their comprehensive suite of services, including penetration testing, cyber incident response and 24x7 MDR, organisations can fortify their defences, respond effectively to incidents and ensure compliance with industry standards. 

The power of 24x7 MDR from Softwerx 

secure365 is a comprehensive ‘eyes-on’ 24x7 MDR solution. It is built on the future-proof Microsoft Security technology stack to give you peace of mind day and night.

secure365 leverages the real-time detection and response features of Microsoft 365 Defender and the security information event management (SIEM) capability of Microsoft Sentinel. Identified suspicious events are triaged by Softwerx’s expert UK-based Security Operations Team.  

“Thanks to secure365 from Softwerx, we now have an MDR solution as an extension of our in-house team, meaning we don’t need to hire and train new staff. It provides information collated from all the Microsoft tech stack to give us a clear picture of our security posture.” 

- Head of Risk and Compliance, global legal services firm 

The trinity of cyber security: 24x7 MDR, cyber incident response and penetration testing 

IT Governance’s partnership with Softwerx bolsters the joint commitment to offer compliance solutions alongside 24x7 monitoring. For example, the addition of IT Governance’s cyber incident response services to Softwerx’s MDR ensures that organisations have a robust plan in place to effectively manage and recover from security incidents.  

Penetration testing from IT Governance, another vital component of a holistic security posture, involves simulating real-world cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities in an organisation’s infrastructure, applications and systems.  

Insights from IT Governance and Softwerx

By using this trio of cyber security services to proactively uncover weaknesses, organisations can strengthen their defences, prevent potential breaches and stop attacks in their tracks.

Softwerx’s CISO, Adriaan Bekker, highlighted the opportunity for organisations: “In cyber security, minutes matter. By seamlessly integrating cyber incident response and penetration testing from IT Governance with our 24x7 managed security, customers don’t have to go to dozens of security vendors.” 

Alan Calder, Founder and CEO of IT Governance, said: “We are excited to bolster our portfolio with the specialist solution that Softwerx provides in 24x7 MDR. Together, IT Governance and Softwerx provide a trinity of interlocking cyber security tools that every organisation needs.” 

About IT Governance

IT Governance is a globally recognised leader in cyber security and data protection solutions. With an extensive portfolio of services, IT Governance empowers organisations to manage their information security risks effectively, ensure compliance with regulatory standards and build a robust cyber security posture. The company’s expertise spans various domains, including ISO 27001 certification, GDPR compliance, data protection, and more. 

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About Softwerx

Softwerx is a prominent player in the Microsoft MDR industry and was one of the first organisations in the UK to gain the Microsoft Security Partner designation. With an award-winning team, Softwerx is best known for its expertise in delivering advanced Microsoft cyber security solutions to a range of organisations, from local charities to large multinationals.  

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