IT Governance: 29.5 Million Records Breached in February 2023


Ely, United Kingdom, 16th March 2023

In its monthly analysis of the latest data breaches and cyber attacks across the world, IT Governance has identified 106 publicly disclosed security incidents in February, which accounted for 29,582,356 breached records.

Following a mammoth start to the year, with more than 277 million breached records in January, the running total for the year already exceeds 300 million compromised records.

Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, commented: “The volume of records compromised in February 2023, although significantly lower than January, is still quite alarming given the impact on several organisations in numerous industries. In comparison to last year, there has been a 478% increase from February 2022 – evidencing that corporate defence spending is not keeping pace with the acceleration in cyber offence, and that governments and corporates need to step up investment in cyber resilience.

“Organisations should consider implementing a thorough security strategy, such as a defence-in-depth approach. Defence in depth entails putting in place various layers of security measures that collectively cover the whole spectrum of potential threats.

“Businesses must also make sure they have a solid incident response plan in place, which should include routine backups and disaster recovery protocols. This will enable them to swiftly recognise and react to possible dangers, reducing the harm brought on by an attack.

“The volume of information exposed in February 2023 ultimately serves as a stark reminder of the urgent necessity for businesses to address cyber security and implement preventive steps to safeguard their sensitive data. To lower their risk of a breach, protect their brand and maintain their financial stability, implementing a multi-layered security strategy and investing in ongoing training and awareness programmes for staff is the best way forward.”

IT Governance is committed to helping organisations address cyber threats and information security flaws. We provide a range of resources, including training courses, consultancy services and free guides, to help understand and reduce the dangers of the threat landscape.

The full list of incidents is available here, which has been categorised by incident type: cyber attacks, ransomware, data breaches, and malicious insiders and miscellaneous incidents.


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