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What is DORA?

DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) sets out a harmonised approach to digital operational resilience across the EU’s financial sector.

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Who does it apply to?

DORA applies to the EU’s financial sector and suppliers of ICT services to that sector – wherever those suppliers are based.

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17 January 2025




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What are the requirements of DORA?

DORA outlines requirements for:

  • ICT risk management;
  • Incident reporting;
  • Digital operational resilience testing;
  • Information sharing; and
  • Third-party risk management.

It also covers:

  • Contractual arrangements between financial entities and ICT third-party service providers;
  • An oversight framework for critical ICT third-party service providers; and
  • Cooperation among supervisory authorities, and supervision/enforcement rules.

Additional technical details will be provided by the European supervisory authorities (EBA, EIOPA, ESMA). Until then, refer to the DORA regulation for comprehensive information on expected requirements.

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Risk Management under the DORA Regulation

"The financial sector is quite heavily regulated, and involves a lot of confidential data. You’d therefore expect that the sector fares better at data security than your average organisation..."

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Expert Insight: Cliff Martin

"Cliff Martin is the head of cyber incident response within GRCI Law. We sat down to talk to him about the second core requirement of DORA: incident management. For more details on..."

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The Third-Party Threat for Financial Organisations

DORA’s supply chain security requirements

"IT Governance’s research for November 2023 found that 48% of the month’s incidents originated from the supply chain (i.e. were third-party attacks). For Europe, this number rises to 61%..."

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DORA compliance and what it means for the financial sector 

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Strengthening Operational Resilience Under DORA

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Demonstrating compliance with DORA 

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Data breach and cyber attack reports

Fact Sheet: EU Digital Operational Resilience Act

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