Continuing Professional Development

Enhance your career with CPD points

What is CPD?

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is the planned acquisition of knowledge and skills by an individual to enhance their ability and proficiency to perform a specific job role.

CPD is at the core of career development and is increasingly used by job seekers to demonstrate their knowledge to potential employers.

In industries such as accountancy, healthcare and law, CPD is often a requirement of membership to professional associations such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Chartered Institute of Marketing.

CPD activities

CPD activities can take many forms, including formal training such as instructor-led and self-paced online courses, workshops, webinars and presentations. Many CPD schemes also include self-learning based on reading specified textbooks and engagement with the professional community.

How is CPD recorded?

Attendance at an IT Governance instructor-led training course is recorded as a total of CPD points, where one hour of training is equivalent to one CPD point. For our self-paced online courses, CPD points are calculated based on an estimate of the typical total time taken to complete each course module. The CPD points earned from completing a course are displayed on a certificate of attendance.

The CPD Certification Service

Given the importance of CPD to individuals and their employers, it is essential that CPD points are accredited by a reputable CPD registration body. Formed in 1996, the CPD Certification Service is the largest provider of global CPD accreditation.

IT Governance is an approved CPD Provider of the CPD Certification Service. Our training courses have been reviewed to ensure their quality and integrity and found to meet the required continuing professional development standards and benchmarks of an internationally recognised accreditation service.

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