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Security Awareness Essentials

Security Awareness Essentials

SKU: 4869
Format: IT Governance Hosted-Package
Published: 13 Jun 2018

Substantially improve staff awareness with a dedicated programme.

Unlike general staff awareness training, a multi-faceted, customised programme delivers better results through tailored and engaging solutions. Our programme will help you raise awareness levels, tackle staff behaviours and get long-term results.

Make staff awareness an essential part of everyone’s day-to-day business with a programme that has been carefully curated for yout organisation.

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Our Security Awareness Programme delivers transformative staff awareness results. The programme is delivered through multiple channels and customised in line with your needs, organisational culture and business objectives.

What you can expect from this programme:

An organisation-wide assessment of your learning needs, awareness challenges and knowledge gaps.


A multi-component campaign, consisting of carefully curated elements such as e-learning courses, newsleteers, gamified solutions, workshops, posters and more.


Tools and resources to keep your audience engaged.


Fun and interactive content.


Evaluation measures to provide you with a reliable audit trail of the success of your programme.



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Get your employees involved with and interested in your staff awareness programme

  • A bespoke programme delivers greater returns than awareness training on its own.
  • Recieve hands-on instruction, personal feedback and advice from an experienced security awareness specialist.
  • Achieve improved organisational resilience, thereby reducing security risks and staff-related data breaches.
  • Facilitate a shift in organisational culture to better support business objectives.
  • Build employee morale and secure commitment towards your cyber security project.

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