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Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO) Upgrade Training Course

Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO) Upgrade Training Course

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This upgrade training course prepares individuals who have successfully completed the certified GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Foundation and Practitioner training courses to achieve DPO (data protection officer) certification.


Two days

UK locations:



The Foundation-level Data Protection officer (C-DPO F) certificate recognises individuals entering the DPO profession. Exam included in course.

The Foundation-level certificate is valid for two years. Renewal or advancement to Professional-level certification is subject to appropriate evidence of DPO work experience and CPD learning hours.


All attendees must have passed the Certified EU GDPR Foundation and Certified EU GDPR Practitioner exams before attending this course.

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Simply book online to receive your booking confirmation and full joining instructions within 48 hours. We accept purchase orders from local authorities, government departments and other public-sector organisations, and will consider account facilities for large corporate customers. See our payment options page for details.

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Regular Price: £950.00
On Sale For: £475.00
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The two-day Certified Data Protection Officer (C-DPO) Upgrade Training Course is ideal for anyone looking to develop a career as a DPO or transitioning into the role. It builds on the GDPR Foundation and Practitioner qualifications to equip participants with the knowledge and operational skills to act as a DPO in the UK and to ensure that GDPR compliance is effectively designed, implemented and maintained.

Delivered by an experienced data protection practitioner, this training course is built on the foundations of our extensive practical experience gained advising on GDPR compliance and delivering DPO services.

Please note that you must have passed the certified EU GDPR Foundation and Practitioner exams before you can attend this course.


DPO certification programme

Aligned with regulatory, organisational and professional development needs, the DPO certification programme consists of two qualification levels:

  • Foundation level – provides individuals with a certificate that recognises their entry into the DPO profession. Foundation level requires no previous DPO work experience, and is a knowledge-based exam following GDPR Foundation and Practitioner course attendance. The certificate is valid for two years with recertification subject to a minimum of 12 months’ DPO work experience and 35 CPD learning hours.

    Advancement to Professional-level certification is subject to a minimum of 24 months’ DPO work experience and 50 CPD learning hours.

  • Professional level – recognises professionals who have two or more years of DPO or data protection work experience. It is a knowledge-based exam where training course attendance is not a prerequisite. Certification is valid for three years with recertification subject to a minimum of 12 months’ DPO work experience and 60 CPD learning hours.


What will you learn on this course?

  • The legal background to the GDPR and its intersection with the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations), freedom of information legislation, the Law Enforcement Directive and member state implementation approaches. 
  • The requirements in respect to the appointment of a DPO, and the requirements placed on the DPO and on the controller or processor.
  • How to inform and advise controllers or processors of their GDPR obligations. 
  • Key training skills, in order to better ‘inform and advise’. 
  • How to monitor GDPR compliance. 
  • The DPO role in relation to liaison with data subjects and the supervisory authorities. 
  • The DPO’s role in awareness-raising and staff training.
  • All aspects of personal data processing.
  • The purpose of data inventories, data flow mapping and the records of processing required by Article 30. 
  • The requirements around DSARs (data subject access requests) and the DPO’s role in facilitating them.
  • The DPO’s role in incident management and response, and in data breach reporting.
  • When and how to carry out a DPIA (data protection impact assessment).
  • The cross-border data processing requirements, particularly in relation to Cloud service providers.



Attendees take the C-DPO exam at the end of the course – a four-hour exam set by IBITGQ consisting of 150 multiple-choice questions. There is no extra charge for this exam.

Please note that all IBITGQ exams are now online exams, so you will need to bring a ‘pop-up enabled’ laptop/tablet to the venue. Full details on how to access the exam will be provided by email 1–2 days before sitting the exam.


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