ISO 27001 Documentation Toolkit

ISO 27001 requires organisations to prove their compliance with appropriate documentation, including a scope, an information security policy, an SoA (Statement of Applicability) and results of information security risk assessments.

Creating this documentation is often the hardest – and most time-consuming – part of achieving ISO 27001 certification. The documentation necessary to create a conformant ISMS (information security management system), particularly in more complex businesses, can be up to a thousand pages.

IT Governance Publishing’s bestselling ISO 27001 toolkits provide all this documentation in easily customisable templates, along with a selection of other tools.

Hosted in the cloud on our DocumentKits platform, you can easily manage and edit all your ISMS documentation online, simplifying adherence to the Standard.

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The benefits of our ISO 27001 documentation toolkits

Our ISO 27001 documentation toolkit have been used by more than 2,000 clients, helping them to:

ISO 27001 toolkit benefits - save time and money

Save time and money

Use the complete set of mandatory and supporting ISMS documentation templates to save time and money.

ISO 27001 toolkit benefits - complete coverage of ISO 27001 standard

Ensure complete coverage of the Standard

Meet all of ISO 27001’s documentation requirements with easy-to-use dashboards and gap analysis tools.

ISO 27001 toolkit benefits - avoid mistakes and duplication

Avoid duplication and mistakes

Follow the online guide and tips to ensure your documentation is appropriately customised to your organisation.

ISO 27001 toolkit benefits - accelerate ISMS implementation

Accelerate your ISMS implementation

Get all the tools and resources you need for your ISMS implementation in a single package.

Which ISO 27001 toolkit is best for you?

We have a range of toolkit packages to suit all needs. Find the right toolkit for your project below:

ISO 27001 toolkit

The ISO 27001 Toolkit - £495

  • Documentation toolkit.
  • Access more than 140 customisable templates via our online portal for 24/7 access.
  • Includes two user licences for staff awareness e-learning training, user-friendly dashboards and gap analysis tools.

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ISO 27001 - the complete suite toolkit

The Complete Suite - £940

  • Documentation toolkit
  • IT Governance: An International Guide to Data Security and ISO 27001/ISO 27002
  • ISO 27001:2013 Standard
  • ISO 27002:2013 Standard
  • ISO 27005:2018 Standard
  • ISO 27000:2018 Standard

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ISO 27001 - the comprehensive suite

The Comprehensive Suite - £1,457

  • Documentation toolkit
  • IT Governance: An International Guide to Data Security and ISO 27001/ISO 27002
  • Nine Steps to Success - An ISO 27001 Implementation Overview, Third edition
  • ISO 27001:2013 Standard
  • ISO 27002:2013 Standard
  • ISO 27005:2018 Standard
  • ISO 27000:2018 Standard
  • vsRisk: risk assessment software - Annual access, single or multi-user avaliable 

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Additional information about the ISO 27001 toolkits 

All the toolkit packages include the standalone ISO 27001 Toolkit, which contains:

  • A SoA (Statement of Applicability) tool, plus supporting procedures and work instructions;
  • An information security manual;
  • A documentation map and structure in Microsoft Visio;
  •  Gap analysis tools for ISO 27001:2013 requirements and ISO 27002:2013 controls;
  • A documentation dashboard to help you track the progress of your ISMS; and
  • 148 pre-written documents created by our ISO 27001 experts.

Our documentation toolkits provide a set of policies and procedures that really enable you to implement ISO 27001 while condensing and streamlining your workload.

For more information:

Read the full ISO 27001 toolkit contents list

Download the ISO 27001:2013 Requirement and Control Mapping document

Watch our ISO 27001 documentation toolkit video to find out more 

“Essential for information security professionals in these days of increased focus on compliance and standards.”

Milo Doyle, Head of Information Security, EBS Building Society

“The IT Governance toolkit templates were helpful in saving us a great deal of time […] I would recommend using these if your aim is to satisfy the requirements efficiently and effectively.”

Greg Wright, Manager of Security and Networking, Esri UK​

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