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ISO22301 (ISO 22301) Business Continuity Standard

ISO22301:2012 (ISO22301) Business Continuity Management Systems (BCSMS) – Requirements is the international business continuity standard.

ISO22301 was launched in May 2012, replacing British Standard BS25999-2. ISO22301 is based on the 'Plan-Do-Check-Act' model, and set outs the requirements for a business continuity management system (BCMS).

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Benefits of ISO22301

  • The requirements in the Standard are widely applicable and can be implemented in any type or size of organisation, in any location.
  • By creating a BCMS aligned with ISO22301, organisations ensure that they are best prepared for a disruptive incident and, more importantly, that they are able to continue trading and return to business as usual as quickly as possible after an incident.
  • An ISO22301 BCMS protects an organisation’s turnover, profits and reputation by ensuring its preparedness for unplanned disruption.

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Did you know?

42 % of survey respondents of the 2013/2014 KPMG Business Continuity Insights Study indicated that they use ISO22301 to support their business continuity programme.

Business continuity products

Our range of ISO22301 courses offers a structured learning path from Foundation to Advanced level, and includes the following:

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Other important business continuity standards

ISO/IEC 27031 - ICT Readiness for Business Continuity is the international standard for information and communication technology (ICT) service continuity management which replaced BS25777 (which itself replaced PAS77). ISO27031 provides specific continuity guidance for ICT within the context of ISO22301.

Current and former international business continuity management standards

ISO22301 has also superseded the national business continuity standards for other countries. Among the most widely adopted of these national standards are/were:

  • BS25999 - British - Business continuity management.
  • NFPA 1600 - American - Standard on disaster/emergency management and business continuity (NFPA: National Fire Protection Association, recognised by ANSI in the USA).
  • HB 221 - Australian - Business continuity management.
  • Israeli Contributions on Security Management Systems: Management standard and accompanying family of standards – only issued as guidelines, with no easy reference number.
  • Japanese Guidelines for the Establishment of Framework on Emergency Preparedness – only issued as guidelines, with no easy reference number.

Call us on +44(0) 845 070 1750 to discuss your ISO22301 requirements.