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GDPR Compliance Solution - By Design and By Default

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Certified GDPR Foundation Training Course

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Certified GDPR Practitioner Training Course

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GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 Staff Awareness E-learning Course

Price: £5,092.00
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GDPR Compliance Solution - By Design and By Default
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Format: Annual Subscriptions

The GDPR fines have already begun and are set to rise. Failing to embed the GDPR by design and by default (which is now a specific legal requirement) could cost you up to 2% of your annual global turnover. Compliance is not optional, but cosmetic compliance is also not good enough. Now is the time to achieve genuine, demonstrable compliance.

The solution is simple: implement GDPR compliance before you face a hefty fine. This all-in-one solution equips you with the tools to achieve and maintain compliance.

This is an annual subscription service. Elements of this service will renew automatically in line with our T&Cs. You can cancel at any time. (T&Cs apply.)


GDPR Compliance Solution - By Design and By Default

Tailored specifically for organisations that have made good early progress with the GDPR, this solution equips you with the tools, software and training your compliance team needs to embed a robust GDPR compliance infrastructure.

What’s included in the GDPR compliance solution?

Staff awareness e-learning course

  • A quick and easy-to-understand introduction to the GDPR. This interactive course covers the principles, roles, responsibilities and processes under the Regulation.
  • Keep track of progress, manage course and exam completion, review exam scores, and export reports.
  • You can purchase up to 149 licences, which are valid for one year. If you need 150 licences or more, please complete this short form for a tailored quote.  

Certified GDPR Foundation Training Course

Certified GDPR Foundation Training Course

This one-day course provides a complete introduction to the Regulation and an overview of its implications and legal requirements for all organisations. It includes learning about the six data protection principles, data subjects’ rights, data subject access requests and securing personal data.

Certified GDPR Practitioner Training Course

Certified GDPR Practitioner Training Course

This four-day course delivers the skills required to implement and maintain an effective compliance programme under the GDPR. It includes learning how to perform a DPIA (data protection impact assessment), conduct data flow mapping, apply the data processing principles, and implement adequate information security.


  • Use our specialist compliance platform to embed, support and maintain GDPR compliance.
  • Our suite of software tools helps you build robust, consistent and auditable compliance.
  • You can choose from either the CyberComply single-user or multi-user option, which provides access for five organisation admin accounts.
  • This suite includes vsRisk, GDPR Manager, the DPIA Tool, Compliance Manager and the Data Flow Mapping Tool.

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to best use these products

  1. Train your staff today with the staff awareness course and demonstrate your organisation’s collective understanding of the GDPR. Get everyone up to scratch on their requirements to reduce the risk of a security incident.

  2. Develop the knowledge required to implement and maintain compliance with the Regulation by attending the Certified GDPR Foundation and Certified GDPR Practitioner courses.

  3. Use our tailored suite of software tools to guide your implementation project, and ensure you achieve and maintain demonstrable compliance.

The benefits

What’s the benefit of purchasing these products together?

Our GDPR experts have designed this solution to help you achieve demonstrable compliance. It has been tailored to help you streamline your implementation and take the guesswork out of GDPR compliance.

  • Access market-leading tools and expertise in one solution.
  • Streamline your compliance activities and ensure your processes align with best practice.

Who has this solution been designed for?

  • Organisations that have already begun their compliance project and need the knowledge and tools to complete implementation.

Why choose IT Governance?

  • We’ve always been at the forefront of data protection and were the first organisation to offer GDPR training in the UK.
  • Our specialist team has extensive experience in data protection and an in-depth understanding of how to meet the GDPR requirements.
  • We have more than 15 years’ practical experience in implementing effective information security solutions.
  • More than 9,000 customers have attended our GDPR courses.
  • More than 9,000 customers use our documentation templates and toolkits.

How will I receive the products?

  • Staff awareness e-learning course

You will receive access to the e-learning licences immediately through the confirmation email, which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to assign and manage the licences.

  • GDPR training courses

You will receive further emails with instructions and important information about the training course(s) you have purchased. In order for delegate(s) to access the training course(s), you must add their contact details in your My Account area.

  • CyberComply

You will receive an email from our sister company, Vigilant Software, with login details and access to the portal where you will be able to access and manage the full suite of software tools.

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