NIS Regulations: Cyber Assessment Framework

The Cyber assessment Framework

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) has published 14 high-level security principles with which all OES (operators of essential services) must implement, in the form of the CAF (Cyber Assessment Framework). 

OES’ compliance with the NIS Regulations (Network and Information Systems Regulations) is monitored through audits conducted by designated competent authorities.

The CAF breaks each principle down into specific outcomes, which are then further broken down into IGPs (indicators of good practice). An auditor will use these IGPs to determine if the organisation has correctly applied the principle.

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NCSC’s 14 principles and the CAF

The CAF consists of the following compliance elements:

Objective A

Managing security risk

  • A.1 Governance
  • A.2 Risk management
  • A.3 Asset management
  • A.4 Supply chain

Objective B

Protecting against cyber attack

  • B.1 Service protection policies and procedures
  • B.2 Identity and access control
  • B.3 Data security
  • B.4 System security
  • B.5 Resilient networks and systems
  • B.6 Staff awareness and training

Objective C

Detecting cyber security events

  • C.1 Security monitoring
  • C.2 Anomaly detection

Objective D

Minimising the impact of cyber security incidents

  • D.1 Response and recovery planning
  • D.2 Improvements

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