IT Governance urges retailers to reduce the risk of cyber attacks with the HMG-backed Cyber Essentials scheme


IT Governance, leading provider of cyber security solutions and CREST-accredited certification body, is urging retailers to reduce the risk of cyber attacks by implementing and achieving certification to the HMG-backed cyber security scheme, Cyber Essentials.
The statement comes in response to recent news highlighting that 12.5% of retail sales in the last year were conducted online, amounting to about £42.5 billion.    
The Minister for Digital and Culture, Matt Hancock, said: “The majority, the vast majority of cyber attacks exploit basic weaknesses, whether it is in software, in systems or in people. All organisations need good basic cyber security. This can tackle the vast majority of attacks.”
Retailers looking to prevent a data breach ahead of the most active retail period of the year are encouraged to implement the five security controls mandated by the Cyber Essentials scheme: secure configuration, boundary firewalls and Internet gateways, access controls and administrative privilege management, patch management and malware protection. 
The Cyber Essentials scheme can help organisations prevent around 80% of basic online threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and reputational damage. Certification to the scheme shows that the organisation has taken the necessary steps to strengthen their cyber security posture and protect their clients’, stakeholders’ and partners’ data from cyber attacks.
To complement with an organisation’s IT department resources, expertise and competence, IT Governance provides a set of technically adequate Cyber Essentials packaged solutions.
IT Governance’s fixed-price Cyber Essentials packaged solutions include a combination of products and services. Depending on your needs, these include external and internal vulnerability scans, on-site assessments, Live Online advice, on-site consultancy and the Cyber Essentials documentation toolkit, which contains templates for all the policies and procedures necessary to meet the Cyber Essentials requirements.
Retailers looking to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and achieve certification to the Cyber Essentials scheme can opt for any of IT Governance’s packaged solutions: Do It YourselfGet A Little Help and Get A Lot Of Help. With these solutions, organisations can take advantage of the unique online service, CyberComply, which supports CREST-accredited certification to the scheme.

For more information about IT Governance’s Cyber Essentials packaged solutions, please visit the website, contact the consultancy team direct at, or call +44 (0)845 070 1750.
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