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Manufacturing, supply and construction sectors

The manufacturing, supply and construction sectors face numerous challenges and may have vulnerabilities due to outdated machines. Aging systems and machinery raise concerns as to whether these organisations are equipped with suitable defences for the current climate of cyber attacks.

With the joint goals of ensuring product quality while minimising unplanned downtime, cyber security issues may take a back seat in the manufacturing and construction sectors. However, management teams in these sectors should ensure that they take steps to prevent easy intrusions by cyber criminals. Cyber attacks can be responsible for considerable downtime, so organisations should take action to minimise their exposure.

According to the Government’s ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017’, organisations in the construction sector are less likely than average to view cyber security as a high priority. As a result, they also tend to take fewer cyber security measures and provide less staff training.

The survey suggests that those in the construction sector should not assume that their industry is immune from cyber attacks. The survey also highlighted that the construction industry is considered to be behind with cyber security, placing it in a vulnerable position.

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