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Staff Awareness training

Information security breaches are on the rise. In 2015, 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses had at least one security breach. Staff-related security incidents were especially common – 75% for large organisations and 31% for SMEs, and half of the worst security breaches were caused by inadvertent human error.*

Figures show the increasing trend of attackers targeting staff, who are considered the weakest link in a company’s security strategy. You can have the best technology and processes in place, but if your staff are not alert and vigilant, they can be an open door to cyber criminals.

Thus, a vital, if often overlooked, element of any well-implemented IT project is a staff awareness training programme.

When carried out effectively, a staff awareness programme:

  • helps companies to identify potential security problems;
  • helps staff understand the consequences of poor information security;
  • ensures procedures are followed consistently.

In addition, an increasing number of information security regulations worldwide – including the Data Protection Act in the UK, HIPAA and GLBA in the USA, and the EU’s Privacy Directive –specifically require that staff are fully aware of their role in data information security.

IT Governance is able to help you every step of the way.

What staff awareness solutions are available?

  • Training aids – engaging card games and thought-provoking posters to encourage staff to reflect on information security issues that affect their work.
  • Customised reading material – benefit from personalised pocket guides and books with your own branding to support your staff awareness programme.
  • Courses – a complete range of e-learning courses that cover every aspect of IT governance, risk management and compliance, at a much lower cost than traditional classroom learning.
  • In-house training – staff awareness and compliance training for staff: bring our highly-experienced trainers into your workplace.


* BIS/PwC Information Security Breaches Survey 2015