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GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool

GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool

SKU: 4834
Authors: ITGP
Publishers: ITGP
Format: Download – Excel format
ISBN13: 9781849289375
Published: 20 Mar 2017
Availability: Available

Use this gap assessment tool to:

  • Quickly identify your GDPR compliance gaps
  • Plan and prioritise your GDPR project

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Kick-start your GDPR compliance project

This GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool has been created to help companies kick-start their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance project by assessing their current stance against the GDPR, helping them clearly establish areas for development, and plan and prioritise their project effectively.

The Tool comes with a how-to video presented by IT Governance Ltd’s founder and executive chairman, Alan Calder. The short video gives simple instructions on how to use the Tool to assess your company’s GDPR compliance status.

What does the tool do?

The Tool is in Excel format and will work in any Microsoft environment. Instead of needing to be installed like software and using complex databases, the Tool relies on human involvement and basic knowledge of the GDPR.

The Tool contains five useful tabs:

  1. Instructions on how to use the Tool.
  2. An executive summary to quickly view your compliance status once the Tool has been completed.
  3. The main gap analysis Tool.
  4. A process analysis Tool.
  5. A data list designed to help you fill in the process analysis Tool.

The Tool was not designed for conducting a detailed and granular compliance assessment. If you require specialist help in this area, contact our data privacy consultancy team.

For more information read our FAQ here.

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