Free PDF download: Managing cyber risk  – Transform your security with cyber resilience

For organisations of any size or type, the cost of a data breach is incalculable. The days of implementing an information security system and then sitting back, safe in the knowledge that you were secure, are gone. 

Security alone is no longer sufficient. In the face of ever-increasing cyber threats, cyber resilience is the key to survival. 

This free paper will explain:

  • The four elements of the cyber resilience framework: cyber resilience processes, compliance requirements, best-practice references and the maturity scale; 
  • Each of the elements individually and how they contribute to cyber resilience; 
  • How the framework draws on best practice to meet the organisation’s needs and obligations while directing it towards a more cyber resilient posture; and 
  • How to approach implementing the framework.
Managing cyber risk  - Transform your security with cyber resilience
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