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Business continuity and ISO 22301 resources

BCM (business continuity management) is a cornerstone for developing cyber resilience, with ISO 22301 considered the best-practice framework for a BCMS (business continuity management system). IT Governance offers a range of resources to help implementing BCM procedures.


  • Business Continuity Management: How to get started

    Although business continuity and disaster recovery planning are essential governance responsibilities, not many organisations have a formal BCM (business continuity management) programme in place. This webinar will cover what a BCM is, the difference between business continuity planning and a BCMS, plus much more.

  • Business Continuity Management: Impact analysis and risk assessment

    The BIA (business impact analysis) is a core element of a successful BCM (business continuity management) programme. A BIA assesses and analyses the impact of incidents to enable the effective resumption of activities through appropriate resource allocation within specific timescales. This webinar will cover important considerations for a risk assessment and BIA

  • Business Continuity Management: Testing, incident response, recovery and communications

    The essence of effective BCM (business continuity management) involves having a well-rehearsed response capability based upon concise, relevant and up-to-date plans, as well as the resources to support those plans. This webinar will explain how to establish a testing, response and recovery procedure based on BCM best practice.

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