Free PDF download: Business Impact Analysis – Step by step

With ever-present threats to critical business functions, effective business continuity management is essential to an organisation’s sustainability.

An organisation that can continue to function during disruption, whether in the form of a strike, natural disaster or cyber attack, will survive where its competitors may fail.

BIA (business impact analysis) is a critical part of effective business continuity management that identifies key business activities and determines how quickly – and in what order – functions and systems should be recovered following a disruption.

This green paper discusses BIA and takes you through the six steps of conducting one.


  • Exactly what BIA is – and what it isn’t;
  • How to identify key business activities, functions and dependencies;
  • How to analyse the impact over time; and
  • Where BIA fits within your overall business continuity strategy.

Published: December 2018
Keywords: Business impact analysis, business continuity, ISO 22301

Business Continuity and ISO 22301
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