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Transport and automotive sector

The transport and automotive sectors have a rich history of innovation, often through challenging times. With research and development (R&D), UK manufacturing, supply chain and environmental issues constantly on the horizon, as well as the uncertainties of Brexit, the future presents even more challenges for these sectors.

Automotive innovations, such as driverless cars and electric vehicles, are gaining increasing prominence, whilst connectivity, software and electronics are the order of the day. Supported by increased UK government investment in R&D, the automotive sector faces an exciting future.

The transport sector supports all industries and is well-known for its legislative complexity and bureaucratic nature, which present their own set of challenges. The constant need to minimise time and cost delays, combined with prominent media coverage of transport issues, leaves the sector open to constant scrutiny.

According to the Government’s ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017’, senior managers in the transport sector are less likely than average to view cyber security as a high priority. The report highlights that this stance usually results in less action being taken around cyber security. Senior management teams may not be aware that this leaves their organisation in a more vulnerable position with regard to cyber security.

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