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Looking back at where other organisations went wrong can help your organisation build stronger security and privacy defences.

We’ve kept track of the cyber attacks, data breaches and GDPR fines over the past year, looking at the companies and sectors that were affected, the main cause of the incidents, and how they could have been avoided.

Free resources

Free download:
2021 GDPR Fines Report

We’ve examined the administrative fines issued in the UK and across the EEA under the GDPR so you can learn how other organisations have fallen foul of the law and, therefore, how to improve your own data processing activities.

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Free infographic:
List of data breaches in 2021

Using our monthly ‘List of data breaches and cyber attacks’ blog posts, we’ve created an infographic that summarises and breaks down the reported data breaches and cyber attacks of 2021.

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Free report:
2021 Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks Report

In this report we take a look at the total amount of data records breached in 2021, the most common types of attacks, the biggest stories and more.


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Free webinar:
How to avoid data breaches caused by
human error

To help you understand the impact of data breaches resulting from human error and how you can reduce the risk, Alan Calder, IT Governance’s Executive Chairman, discusses the approaches organisations can take to protect themselves.


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Free webinar:
20 minutes on how to handle a
data breach

With organisations at risk now more than ever, this flash briefing outlines the steps to take following a data breach in order to minimise losses and protect your organisation’s reputation, as well as comply with relevant data protection legislation such as the GDPR.

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