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It can be difficult to get support from the rest of the organisation to tackle phishing. It takes a lot of staff involvement and strategic action to make a real difference and reduce the risks posed by phishing attacks. 

Our free resources on phishing and related topics can help you share information across your organisation, develop your own understanding and take the next steps towards mitigating phishing risk. 

Video | Can you spot the phishing threat?

Don’t fall hook, line and sinker to phishing emails. Find out what your employees need to look out for in phishing emails to avoid giving away sensitive company information.

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How to spot a phishing email quiz

Quiz | How to spot a phishing email

The most effective way to prevent phishing emails from causing a threat to your business is knowing how to spot and avoid them. Are you confident that you and your staff know how to spot a phishing email? 

Take our quiz to find out! 

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Blog: 5 ways to detect a phishing email

Blog | 5 ways to detect a phishing email

Using real-life examples, this blog post demonstrates five key clues to helping your staff detect phishing scams, including bogus email addresses, misspelt names and suspicious attachments.  

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Catches of the Month blog

Blog | Catches of the Month

Keep up-to-date with the latest phishing scam tactics and how to keep your organisation safe and secure with our monthly blogs series.

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Infographic: What is phishing?

Infographic | What is phishing? 

Our infographic explains phishing in a user-friendly way and uses statistics to demonstrate its prevalence in society. Share it with your colleagues to educate them on phishing risks.  

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Fighting the Emotet Trojan

Green paper | Fighting the Emotet Trojan  

Typically spread through phishing emails, the Emotet Trojan is a piece of malware that is famously infectious and hard to banish. Our green paper explains how it spreads, sets out the practical steps you can take to protect yourself from it and details how to remove it from your network. 

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GRC elearning staff awareness brochrue

Brochure | Staff Awareness E-learning 

One of the best ways to combat phishing is to implement a staff training programme to educate them on spotting a phishing email and reporting it. 

Our sister company, GRC eLearning, offers off-the-shelf phishing staff awareness courses, as well as bespoke options to suit you. Read more about GRC eLearning’s offering in this staff awareness brochure. 

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How we can help you mitigate the threat of phishing

IT Governance is a leading provider of IT governance, risk management and compliance solutions. Browse our range of staff awareness e-learning courses and phishing solutions:

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