As coronavirus restrictions ease, many organisations have chosen to permanently switch to a hybrid working model, with staff dividing their working hours between their home and the office.

A recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development report found that 40% of employers expect more than half their workforce to regularly work from home after the pandemic.¹

Organisations therefore need to ensure they’re ready to mitigate the risks that come with permanent remote working, including those related to cyber security.

For instance, there has been a drastic increase in ransomware attacks since the pandemic began: the number of ransomware incidents handled by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) more than tripled in 2020 compared to 2019.²

In the face of these risks, your obligations remain the same: you must secure the information you process, comply with data protection laws and protect your organisation from cyber threats.

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Top Cyber Security Statistics for 2021

Cyber threats were already a top risk for many businesses, but organisations have faced a range of new threats because of the changes brought about by COVID-19.

See the impact of these new threats in this free infographic, where we look at some of the top cyber security statistics for 2021.

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Join our monthly webinar series as we look back at and dissect some of the major cyber attacks that have hit the headlines. Each month, our security experts will offer a high-level overview and practical advice on how these attacks could have been mitigated – and what your organisation needs to do to avoid suffering the same fate.

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Blog series: Navigate to Cyber Safety

In this blog series, we look at how the cyber security and data privacy environment is constantly changing, along with what measures your organisation needs to put in place to remain secure.

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Organisations are struggling to monitor
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If you find yourself all at sea, don’t worry: we can help you steer your organisation to cyber safety.

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Keep your remote workers cyber secure

Cyber Security for Remote Workers
Staff Awareness E-learning Course

Enable your employees to stay cyber secure when working from home and understand what simple security measures should be put in place to reduce the chance of them falling victim to a cyber attack or phishing scam.

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Remote Access Penetration Test

Test how secure your external infrastructure is. This expert-led penetration testing service will help identify vulnerabilities that put your infrastructure at risk, enabling you to mitigate them before criminals exploit them.

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Protect against the risk of ransomware attacks

Cyber Security as a Service

Outsource your cyber security to world-renowned experts and get expert guidance when you need it. You will have access a wide range of tools, training and support that can be deployed to kick-start your journey.

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Cyber Incident Response – Emergency Support

Respond to any cyber incident quickly and with confidence, with backing from our legal and technical teams. Return to business as usual, and minimise costs and potential fines with guidance from our world-renowned experts.

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¹CIPD, “Planning for hybrid working”, July 2021,

²NCSC, “The NCSC Annual Review 2020”, November 2020,

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