ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

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ISO 9001 is the international standard that sets out the criteria for a quality management system (QMS). Based on seven quality management principles, the Standard will help you to continually monitor and manage quality across all of your operations, as well as benchmarking your organisation’s performance and service.

With over 1.1 million certifications worldwide, ISO 9001 is globally recognised as the best framework for helping organisations deliver quality products and services.

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ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 has recently been updated for 2015 to maintain its relevance in today’s marketplace, and to continue to offer organisations improved performance and business benefits.

The 2015 version of the Standard is much less prescriptive than the 2008 version and can be used as an agile business improvement tool, so you can make it relevant to your organisation’s requirements.

It will also bring quality management and continual improvement into the heart of the organisation, helping to enhance and monitor the performance of your business.

This aims to enhance customer satisfaction by demonstrating:

  • Understanding and consistency in meeting requirements
  • The consideration of processes in terms of added value
  • The achievement of effective process performance
  • Improvement of processes based on the evaluation of data

Why should you implement an ISO 9001 QMS?

ISO 9001 offers organisations the opportunity to demonstrate that they take a consistent approach to ensuring the quality of their products and services.

It will help you to:

  • Demonstrate your organisation’s ability to consistently provide quality products and services
  • Meet your customers’ needs and statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Win and retain more clients with better customer service
  • Improve operational performance by cutting errors and increasing profits
  • Become a more consistent competitor in your marketplace
  • Widen business opportunities by demonstrating compliance

Get started with ISO 9001

Deciding to adopt a QMS is a strategic decision that will help organisations improve their overall performance and customer satisfaction, while increasing the efficiency of operational processes. To help you get started ith your ISO 9001 project, we suggest using the following tools:

ISO 9001:2015 Standard

This is the newest version of ISO 9001. Users of ISO 9001:2008 should upgrade their systems to ISO 9001:2015 and will need the revised version of the Standard in order to keep their certificates up to date.

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ISO 9001 Toolkit

ISO 9001 certification requires organisations to prove their compliance with the Standard with appropriate documentation, which can run to thousands of pages for more complex businesses.

The ISO 9001:2015 QMS Documentation Toolkit provides all the direction and tools you need to streamline your project.

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ISO 9001 Foundation Training Course

This one-day staff awareness training course is delivered by an experienced ISO 9001 consultant and trainer. This in-house course, delivered at your organisation, is an ideal way to ensure all staff have the same level of training. This course can be tailored to your organisation’s own policies and procedures.

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Transition from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015

If your organisation is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and you would like to transition to the latest version of the Standard, we suggest using the following tools:

Conversion Tool

The  ISO 9001 2008 to ISO 9001 2015 Conversion Tool aims to identify the changes to ISO 9001:2015 and to provide guidance on adapting an existing ISO 9001:2008-compliant quality management system into an ISO 9001:2015-compliant quality management system.

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Gap Analysis Tool

The ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 Gap Analysis Tool has been created to help organisations that have implemented an ISO 9001:2008-compliant QMS to assess their current compliance against the Standard, ISO 9001:2015.

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ISO 9001 quality management consultancy

IT Governance consultants use methodologies and tools that have been developed and honed over 10 years.

Our free, initial, no-obligation assessment will give you an overview of where you are against the requirements of ISO 9001, and of the steps required for success. It will include a fixed-price proposal that will enable you quickly to assess the value of using IT Governance to help you achieve ISO 9001 certification.

Nine good reasons for using the IT Governance consultancy service to assist your ISO 9001 project:

  1. Our free initial assessment enables you to assess where you are (after all, you probably already meet many of the requirements) and identify how you can progress with us to success.
  2. Our fixed price consultancy enables you to control all the costs of achieving certification.
  3. Our implementation approach and methodology is pragmatic, proven and straightforward.
  4. We help you increase internal buy-in by leveraging your resources to achieve your certification/conformance goals.
  5. We focus on transferring knowledge and skills to you and your staff so that you can continue meeting compliance targets after the initial implementation period ends.
  6. We are a one-stop shop with comprehensive and integrated ISO9001 resources in;cluding experienced consultants, books, documentation and tools.
  7. We help tailor your Quality Management System so that it suits your requirements, is cost-effective to operate and still continues to meet ISO9001 requirements.
  8. We can link your ISO9001 Quality Management framework with your health and safety, environment and information security management frameworks.
  9. Our simple, 'no quibble' 100% guarantee of successful certification removes all worry.

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