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Energy and agribusiness sectors

Innovation and adaptation are key requirements for a successful agribusiness. The challenges of increasing productivity and dealing with climate issues are long-standing influences on agribusiness, but this sector is also increasingly subject to the unpredictability of the global market place.

In today’s fast-moving market, many landowners, farmers and producers are looking for alternative paths to help them generate additional revenue or sustain income. This has resulted in some innovative outcomes. Parts of this sector have made real progress in improving productivity, but much is still to be done. As this sector advances and embraces additional technology, it is vital for it to ensure that cyber security issues are also on the agenda, so it can minimise its vulnerabilities.

The dynamic energy sector is under growing scrutiny and intense levels of competition. Challenges include security of supply, renewable energy, carbon reduction and the rush for resources.

The sector is often in the public eye, with issues concerning the energy demands of a growing population, security of supply and rising prices regularly making headlines. Taking proactive steps to minimise disruptive business challenges, including cyber security issues, should be viewed as a priority for leadership teams in the energy sector.

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