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Your complete cyber security solution

Many organisations lack the necessary security skills and resources to manage their cyber security risks effectively. According to research, 50% of UK organisations are considering outsourcing their cyber security.

CSaaS (Cyber Security as a Service) is an outsourced model of cyber security risk management that gives you peace of mind that your organisation is secure against common cyber threats, while saving you time and money.

Cyber security that won't
break the bank

With Cyber Security as a Service, you can protect your organisation against cyber risks quickly, easily and cost-effectively – all with one simple and affordable annual subscription service. 

Identify your risks and stop
attacks before they happen

Get unlimited access to the Cyber Security Advice Service, vulnerability scans, staff training, policies and procedure templates, guidance and expert support. With Cyber Security as a Service, we’ve got you covered.   

Simple, affordable and convenient

Everything you need in one place

Enjoy comprehensive protection that basic cyber security frameworks don’t provide.

Specialist support

Access a dedicated team of cyber security specialists for fast and efficient cyber security support.

Complete solution

Schedule vulnerability scans, assess your security posture, draw reports, create and customise policies and procedures from pre-written templates.

Peace of mind

Quickly move from unsure to secure with a total security solution.

Unlimited advice

Ask our experts anything with the Cyber Security Advice Service.

Ongoing protection

Maintain protection throughout the year with comprehensive services and support.










Cyber Security as a Service

per month

per month

per month

per month

This service includes everything in the Cyber
Security Advice Service
, plus;

A dedicated cyber security specialist.

An annual cyber security assessment and report.

Set of cyber security policies and procedures. 

Staff awareness e-learning - annual user licences (for 3 courses):
- Phishing, Misuse of Email, Cyber security.

10 users

50 users

250 users

500 users

Monthly automated vulnerability scans (4 IP addresses):

- Unlimited scans per month. 

Internal network vulnerability scan

Guidance on creating a cyber incident response process (year 1)

1/2 day

1/2 day

1 day

Testing and walkthrough of your incident response plan
(from year 2).

1/2 day

1/2 day

1 day


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Cyber Security as a Service brochure

Get your cyber security on the right track with a simple and affordable subscription service.

Cyber Security as a Service gives you with the assurance you’ve always wanted, helping you to be prepared and protected from cyber threats.

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Available add-ons

Additional IP addresses for vulnerability scans can be purchased separately. Where you need additional support from across GRC International Group to implement our advice, we will offer you a specially discounted rate on a pre-paid block of hours.

Pre-paid blocks of hours are sold in multiples of ten and you can draw down on the hours as required. Pre-paid hours can carry forward from year to year. 

Why Cyber Essentials is not enough


Cyber Essentials certification provides an excellent once-a-year snapshot of the status of your basic cyber security measures. But it doesn’t give you the daily assurance you need that emerging vulnerabilities are being identified and dealt with. Cyber Essentials also doesn’t protect you against ‘human’ vulnerabilities that can be exploited by phishing attacks – and research shows that phishing is the cyber criminal’s favourite attack vector.

Cyber Security as a Service covers a broader range of critical cyber security areas, and provides comprehensive coverage throughout the year. What's more, CSaaS provides tools, advice and education to enable you to manage your cyber security smarter and better.

CSaaS Elements 

Cyber Essentials Controls

Patch management

Access control

System hardening


Data privacy

Malware protection

Staff awareness training

Secure configuration

Network security


Unique solution

Our unique combination of cyber security tools, testing, training and consultancy equips you with the knowledge and resources to address critical cyber security risks fast, and stop cyber attacks in their tracks.

Tried and trusted

IT Governance is one of the leading providers of end-to-end cyber security and data privacy solutions worldwide. Our cyber security experts create solutions that make cyber security affordable and hassle-free, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.

Spend smarter

With cyber risks constantly evolving, you can’t afford to spend time to recruit and train the necessary internal expertise to monitor and manage your risks. Plus, affordable monthly billing helps you contain your costs without needing to engage an in-house team or consultant.

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