The Cyber Essentials SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire)

Completing the Cyber Essentials self-assessment questionnaire

To achieve Cyber Essentials certification, you must complete the Cyber Essentials SAQ (self-assessment questionnaire).

The SAQ includes approximately 70 questions related to each of the five Cyber Essentials security controls:

  • Secure configuration
  • Firewalls
  • User access controls
  • Security update management
  • Malware protection

The SAQ includes both yes/no questions and open questions that require a more detailed response and should be reviewed alongside Cyber Essentials: Requirement for IT Infrastructure.

Your completed SAQ serves as a statement of your organisation’s compliance, demonstrating that you have met the scheme’s requirements. It must be signed off by a member of your organisation’s board or equivalent.

Free download: Cyber Essentials self-assessment questionnaire

Download copies of the Cyber Essentials SAQ and Cyber Essentials: Requirement for IT Infrastructure before applying for certification.

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