Coronavirus: your biggest challenge yet?

Fight back with a pandemic-proof plan. One virus is enough.

One virus is enough.

As more organisations turn to remote working, criminal hackers are targeting your teams.

And in this time of crisis, one thing is certain: cyber criminals are opportunistic. Right now, they are carrying out attacks to exploit your employees’ fears and the uncertainties around COVID-19.

One virus is enough to worry about. Take action now to protect your business. Implement cyber security measures that help you respond to cyber attacks.

Protect your business

Prepare for the worst. Plan to succeed.

Aside from the human impact, the coronavirus has undoubtedly caused significant disruption to the way you run your day-to-day operations.

Nobody knows what the full effect of the virus will be yet. The best way to prepare is to expect the unexpected.

With effective BCM (business continuity management), you can reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your organisation.  

Protect your organisation

Keep your business in business during this pandemic.

You can’t control the spread of COVID-19, but you can control how it affects your organisation.
It’s crucial to ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality.

We have everything you need.

Affordable training, tools, tests and guidance to help you manage your business through the outbreak.



COVID-19 Cyber Risk and Data Privacy Response Service

A unique consultancy service that helps you build a cyber resilient and privacy-compliant remote working infrastructure. Receive expert advice from lawyers, privacy consultants and cyber security experts to help ensure you remain compliant and secure while managing a remote workforce.

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Business Continuity Pandemic Response Service

Assess your business continuity practices and enable your organisation to implement and test a robust BCM (business continuity management) plan will enable you to improve your organisation’s response to pandemic threats.

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Documentation and templates

Coronavirus Business Continuity Management Bundle

This bundle will help you tailor your business continuity plan to your organisation’s unique vulnerabilities. This bundle consists of a risk management pack and four bestselling business continuity guides.

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Remote Working Policy Template Kit

Quickly establish the essential remote working policies and procedures you need to secure your business and keep your teams safe online during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Penetration testing and vulnerability scans

Remote Access Penetration Test

With staff working from home, it’s crucial to test the security of your remote access infrastructure to make sure you aren’t introducing new vulnerabilities. Delivered by CREST-accredited penetration testers.

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Vulnerability Scan

Quickly identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your websites, applications and infrastructure with this fully automated external vulnerability scanning service.

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Training and staff awareness

Cyber Security for Remote Workers Staff Awareness E-learning

Enable your employees to stay cyber safe when working from home with this short staff awareness course. Want to test this e-learning course? Try before you buy with a FREE 2-week trial.

Business Continuity Management Lead Implementer Self-Paced Training Course

Learn how to implement effective BCM within your organisation with this self-paced, certified training course. The content of this course aligns to
ISO 22301, the international business continuity standard.

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Now is the time to act

Protect your business against COVID-19 cyber threats.

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