Business Continuity Management: How to get started

Although business continuity and disaster recovery planning are essential governance responsibilities, not many organisations have a formal BCM (business continuity management) programme in place. 

With the NIS Directive (Directive on security of network and information systems) being transposed into UK law as the NIS Regulations in May 2018, and with cyber resilience becoming an essential business survival trait, the importance of effective BCM can no longer be overlooked. 

This webinar will cover:

  • What BCM is; 
  • Why organisations choose to deploy a formalised BCM programme (and why others don’t); 
  • The difference between business continuity planning and a BCMS (business continuity management system); 
  • An introduction to ISO 22301, the international standard for BCM; 
  • Considerations for implementing a BCMS; and 
  • How to get approval for your implementation project. 
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