Free PDF download: The Case for ISO 27001 – A board’s-eye view

Information security is a central concern for every organisation, yet many fail to prepare adequate defences, often with significant financial and reputational consequences. Protecting the information your organisation relies on – and to be seen to be protecting it – is a critical survival measure that all boards should be concerned with. To achieve this, more and more organisations are certifying to the international standard for an ISMS (information security management system), ISO 27001.

Download this free paper to learn about:

  • The changing regulatory environment;
  • The role of ISO 27001 in information security;
  • The value of ISO 27001 certification; and
  • How to prepare for an ISMS project.

Published: September 2023
Keywords: ISO 27001, information security, management systems, governance

The Case for ISO 27001 A boards-eye view
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