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The Case for ISO 27001 (Soft Cover)

The Case for ISO 27001 (2013) Second Edition

SKU: 177
Authors: Alan Calder
Publishers: IT Governance Ltd
Format: Adobe eBook
ISBN13: 9781849285315
Pages: 120
Published: 02 Dec 2013
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Format: ePub
ISBN13: 9781849285322
Pages: 120
Published: 03 Dec 2013
Availability: Now available
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781849285308
Pages: 120
Published: 28 Nov 2013
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Understand ISO27001 and learn how it can help your organisation fight cybercrime, combat cyber-terror and improve your corporate governance. Now updated for ISO27001:2013

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What do you do to keep your business information secure?

Information and information systems are vital to every organisation. Our reliance on data and information, and the fact that it is so easy to share, means that everyone is at risk of cyber attack from hackers, viruses, online fraudsters, malicious insiders, or even from simple human error.

Manage cyber threat

To counter these threats you have to identify the real information risks your business faces, then you need to find the most appropriate way to mitigate such risks. Adopting the ISO27001 Standard will give your organisation a reliable framework for creating an information security management system.

The business case for investing in information security

This friendly guide, updated to reflect ISO27001:2013, presents the compelling business case for implementing ISO27001 in order to protect your information assets. This makes it ideal reading for anyone unfamiliar with the many benefits of the standard, and as a supporting document for an ISO27001 project proposal.


Understand ISO27001 and learn how your organisation can:

  • Fight cybercrime - Introducing the ISO 27001 information security management system will help protect your business from the threat of organised crime.
  • Combat cyber-terror - Terrorist organisations now work with computers as well as explosives. Introducing an information security management system makes it easier to defend your company from a destructive cyber-attack.
  • Improve your corporate governance - Reducing your company’s financial exposure to the risk of losses resulting from IT system failure is now a corporate governance requirement. ISO 27001 will help you to comply.
  • Recover from accidents - With ISO 27001, you can minimise the risk that your information will be lost or corrupted as a result of human error.


“… it’s as good a short introduction to info-security, and security management in general, as you could wish to find … Calder has done a grand job of setting out the case [for ISO 27001], briefly.
Mark Rowe
"A concise, readable overview of things to consider when putting together a convincing proposal for an ISMS"
Mike Smith

Read this book to learn how ISO27001 secures your information assets and protects your business.

Contact us if you are looking for the ISO27001:2005 edition.

About The Author

Alan Calder is a founder director of IT Governance Ltd. Before that he was the CEO of Wide-Learning, a supplier of e-learning, and of Business Link London City Partners (BLLCP). Alan Calder also served as a member of the Department of Trade and Industry’s Information Age Competitiveness Working Group. For many years he was a member of the DNV Certification Services Certification Committee, which certifies compliance with international standards including ISO 27001. He works with a wide range of clients on IT governance and information security projects.

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A concise, readable overview of things to consider when putting together a convincing proposal for an ISMS.
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