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Red Team Assessment

Red Team Assessment

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A Red Team Assessment is a thorough investigation of your organisation’s security and ability to fend off a skilled, dedicated cyber attacker. The ‘red team’ is composed of experienced penetration testers, who will use any methods at their disposal to non-destructively gain access to your networks, systems and information.

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IT Governance will conduct a thorough security assessment and provide actionable recommendations to improve your organisation’s security posture. The scope of each engagement is tailored to your organisation’s requirements and goals.

Our Red Team Assessment provides the greatest insight into your team’s readiness to face a cyber attack. It can help your organisation remain secure, and expose vulnerabilities in:

  • Technology – Network configurations and equipment, applications and remote access technology;
  • People – Staff awareness, third-party providers, policies and procedures; and
  • Physical — Building security and access procedures.

Simulating real attacks from a threat actor’s perspective can:

  • Provide an understanding of how an attacker sees your organisation and attack surface;
  • Establish clarity around all potential targets such as critical assets; and
  • Assess your detection and response capability.

Attack scenarios can be crafted to emulate specific types of threat actor. We use traditional and non-traditional techniques to test your resilience to intrusion, fraud, data extraction, internal threats, corporate espionage and physical attacks.

Your challenge

Our Red Team Assessment enables a more mission-oriented focus than traditional penetration testing. It can help you better understand how an adversary could gain access to both your environment and sensitive data.

While most organisations will benefit from our Red Team Assessment, those that will benefit the most have a solid understanding of their risks, have implemented a functional vulnerability management programme, and have a team in place to detect and deter threats.


Our Red Team Assessment will help you:

  • Get a better understanding of how cyber attackers can gain access to your environment, network and sensitive data;
  • Validate your organisation’s security posture and its important assets; and
  • Contextualise business process improvements by delivering more intelligence on the risks, their impact and remediation
  • options.
Service offering

Our service offering based on the rules of engagement.


We will agree the objectives of the exercise and the rules of engagement with your organisation, including any operational rules. This will determine the length of the engagement.

Intelligence gathering and attack

The red team uses a variety of intelligence-gathering techniques to gather information about your organisation from public sources. This data forms the basis for actionable intelligence used to determine appropriate attack scenarios for the exercise.

Based on this information, the red team will use a combination of different attacks and methods to gain access to your networks, systems and information. The team might mimic a threat actor, copy common industry attacks or pursue an entirely bespoke attack vector. In some instances, the red team may attempt to gain physical access.

Attacks may be conducted in phases or on several fronts to identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by criminal hackers.

Any exfiltration of data will be attempted over a secure channel to protect the information in transit.


We record the attack and which systems, tools or accounts were used to achieve access. The red team restores any systems to their initial states. If tools and accounts cannot be deleted for any reason, the exact location is provided in the final report for removal by your information security or IT operations team.

Reporting and debrief

We will provide a debrief and a report that gives a detailed view of the critical, high-, medium- and low-priority risks, along with appropriate recommendations to resolve them.


Service conditions

Travel and transportation costs related to work conducted at your premises will be billed separately

Why IT Governance?

Why choose us?

  • We have an in-depth understanding of cyber security and the methods cyber criminals use to attack organisations.
  • Our specialist team of certified penetration testers has extensive experience in cyber security and ethical hacking project expertise, both in the UK and globally.
  • Our experienced penetration testers have a proven track record in finding security vulnerabilities, can carry out exploits in a safe manner and can advise on appropriate mitigation measures to ensure that your systems are secure.
  • You will have access to a dedicated account manager throughout the project.

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