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ISO 27001 Risk Treatment Plan Template

ISO 27001 Risk Treatment Plan Template

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ISBN13: 9781787783072
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  • Create an ISO 27001:2022 risk treatment plan with our easy-to-use, customisable, high-level online templates, developed by ISO 27001 practitioners.
  • Contains a risk management framework document, a risk management procedure and a risk treatment plan Excel template to help your organisation develop a comprehensive approach to ISO 27001:2022 risk treatment.
  • Fill in the customisable sections with your organisation’s approach to managing risk and detail how you will assess and evaluate risks going forward.
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Easily create an ISO 27001 risk treatment plan with three customisable templates

Develop your risk treatment plan using our templates to ensure you effectively plan the risk assessment and management processes in your business. By assessing risks and their associated threats, along with the risk likelihood and potential damage, you can set priorities and develop management plans that will reduce the potential threats and damage to your organisation.

To complete the templates, you will need to fill in the customisable areas with your organisation’s procedures and approach to risk. Guidance notes and suggestions are included to help you. Please note that these templates are not an out-of-the-box solution and you will need to add details that match what your organisation does and what it should be doing. See our FAQ for more information.


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What's included?

What’s included?

The ISO 27001 Risk Treatment Plan Template includes:

  • Risk Management Framework
  • Risk Management Procedure
  • Risk Treatment Plan

Risk treatment documentation under ISO 27001

The international standard for information security management, ISO 27001, is a globally recognised framework for managing information security risk.

Whether you pursue ISO 27001 certification or not, the Standard requires you to select and implement security controls, informed by regular risk assessment as part of a process of continual improvement.

How the ISO 27001 Risk Treatment Plan Template can help you

Our ISO 27001 Risk Treatment Plan Template is fully aligned with the Standard and includes:

  • Direction on managing risks in your organisation;
  • Advice on how to develop a risk criterion that assesses the risks to your organisation, including their likelihood and impact;
  • Guidance on developing your risk management framework and procedure; and
  • Examples on how to assess and treat the risks to your organisation, demonstrating how relevant Annex A controls can be applied.

Developing an ISO 27001 risk treatment plan helps you be prepared and minimise potential damage to your organisation – get started by buying this template today!


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