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Information Security Expertise Book Bundle

Information Security Expertise Book Bundle

SKU: 4762
Authors: Tom Mooney, Richard Bingley, Stewart Bertram, Kevin Henry
Publishers: ITGP
Format: Bundle

Just finished your university degree? Starting a new job in information security? Looking for the next step
in your career but not sure which direction to take? Then this bundle is for you.

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Information Security Expertise Book Bundle overview

This bundle of best-selling titles has been put together to help people new to security or looking to enhance their knowledge in the area to develop themselves and take the next step in their careers.

Are you unsure of the career path you want to follow, or are you an established information security manager looking at new routes and opportunities in the information security field? This collection of books will help you explore the options you have, and develop your knowledge and understanding of key information security topics.

What’s included in this book bundle?

Information Security A Practical Guide - Bridging the gap between IT and management

Information Security A Practical Guide - Bridging the gap between IT and management

Information Security: A Practical Guide addresses that issue by providing an overview of basic information security practices that will enable your security team to better engage with their peers to address the threats facing the organisation as a whole.

Covering everything from your first day at work as an information security professional to developing and implementing enterprise-wide information security processes, Information Security: A Practical Guide explains the basics of information security, and how to explain them to management and others so that security risks can be appropriately addressed.

The Tao of Open Source Intelligence

The Tao of Open Source Intelligence

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is a rapidly evolving approach to collecting information via the Internet, much of which isn’t indexed by normal search engines.

Written by career intelligence analyst Stewart K. Bertram, this title is a comprehensive guide to data collection, helping you gather intelligence and protect your business from cyber attacks.

From reading this book you'll learn how to master the tools and investigative approaches needed for conducting research within the surface, deep and dark webs; Understand the relevance of cyber geography and how to get around its limitations; Gain tips on counterintelligence, safe practices, debunking myths about online privacy, and more.

The Security Consultant’s Handbook

The Security Consultant’s Handbook

With indispensable guidance and inspirational case studies, this essential book sets out a holistic overview for security professionals. Not only will it stimulate fresh ideas for invigorating your career, it will provide new market routes for you to lead your company’s resilience.

Author Richard Bingley brings to light emerging opportunities and approaches to corporate thinking that are increasingly demanded by employers and buyers in the security market. This book will help you plug information gaps or provoke new ideas, and become a real-world support tool so you can offer your clients safe, proportionate and value-driven security services.

Penetration Testing - Protecting Networks and Systems

Penetration Testing - Protecting Networks and Systems

Penetration Testing – Protecting networks and systems provides a comprehensive introduction to penetration testing, covering concepts such as security basics, risk management and the difference between penetration testing and criminal hacking.

This book examines the skills and techniques used by a professional penetration tester to provide accurate, thorough and meaningful reports for clients and management teams. The author draws on his wealth of experience in the information security world and provides real-life case studies to give readers a practical understanding of how to conduct a penetration test.

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