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GDPR Breach Support Service

GDPR Data Breach Support Service

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Authors: IT Governance
Format: Level 1 Retainer (annual)
Format: Level 2 Retainer (annual)
Format: SOS Emergency Response

Identifying a data breach under the GDPR - who has been affected, how extensive it is and how it happened – within 72 hours can pose a challenge for any business.

Our GDPR Breach Support Service helps you to quickly and effectively navigate the GDPR’s (General Data Protection Regulation) 72-hour data breach notification requirements in a structured and compliant manner.

With the threat of a data breach becoming increasingly imminent, it’s vital that your organisation is prepared to respond in a crisis.

Save 10% on annual fees by paying in advance, contact us for monthly payment options.

Experiencing a data security incident?

Call our breach support number now for assistance:

0330 9000 300

Regular Price: £1,200.00
On Sale For: £1,100.00
ex vat


The GDPR 72-hour breach countdown

Data security incidents can be a chaotic and stressful experience. Acting fast is key in order to meet the GDPR’s 72-hour personal data breach reporting requirement. Knowing how to respond to an incident appropriately and effectively is vital. We can support you throughout with our GDPR Breach Support Service.

Our team of experienced data privacy lawyers and data protection officers will work with you to:

  • Gather information on the nature and scope of the data security incident (data forensics is not included);
  • Identify whether the incident needs to be reported under the GDPR;
  • Report the breach on your behalf to the relevant supervisory authority and manage subsequent communications between yourself and the regulator; 
  • Assess whether there is a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals affected by the breach; 
  • Draft a breach notification to the individuals affected; 
  • Document the facts relating to the breach, its effects and the remedial action taken; and
  • Evaluate how a recurrence can be avoided – whether through better processes, further training or other corrective steps.

How does the service work?

We offer three levels of data breach support. With our level 1 and level 2 retainer support service, our team is on hand to offer proactive support before you suffer an incident, and will help you to strengthen your incident readiness posture. 

SOS Emergency Response

£500 per incident
(includes £50 admin fee)

Ideal if you’re currently experiencing a breach and need urgent assistance.

  • Includes 2 hours of support
  • Any further support hours are billed at £225 per hour in advance.
  • If you are experiencing a breach call 0330 9000 300 now. 


Level 1 Retainer

£100 per month
£1,100 annual fee

  • Includes 8 hours of support
  • Discounted additional support hours: £200 per hour after the first 8 hours
  • Additional support hours are billed in arrears when the incident occurs.
  • Free guidance on implementing a breach response plan and process

Level 2 Retainer

£200 per month
£2,200 annual fee

Suitable for organisations who want to go one step further and ensure their response processes are watertight.

  •  16 prepaid hours of annual call centre support
  • Discounted additional support hours: £150 per support hour after the first 16 hours.
  • Free guidance on implementing a breach response plan and process
  • Free annual pass on an Incident Response Management Training course.

The GDPR Breach Support Service is provided by GRCI Law Ltd (GRCI Law), a specialist in data privacy, cyber security and information security legal and compliance advisory services (and a subsidiary of GRC International Group plc).


  • Take advantage of expert support and advice when you need it most
  • Stop data breaches in their tracks before damage occurs
  • Beat the GDPR’s 72-hour reporting deadline
  • Access to experienced GDPR consultants and legal advisors
  • Get free annual training on incident response management, data privacy or information security (if you are on a retainer plan)


Breach support is available between Monday and Friday, 09:00 to 17:30.

The cost of forensic investigations is not included in the price.

Speak to an expert

For more information about this service or guidance on achieving compliance, speak to one of our GDPR experts.

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