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DSP Toolkit Fixed Implementation Service

DSP Toolkit Fixed Implementation Service

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Format: Consultancy
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Receive a full review of your data security regime and the necessary support to help you achieve DSP Toolkit compliance.

Our team of data security and protection experts will outline exactly what is required from the NHS to achieve information governance compliance and facilitate the implementation of all the necessary remedial actions at a budget and in a time frame convenient to you.

Price: £13,200.00
ex. VAT

Meet the NHS Digital requirements

An experienced data security consultant with expertise in the healthcare sector will work with you to ensure your organisation achieves full DSP Toolkit compliance by:

  • Undertaking a detailed review of your data security and compliance regime;
  • Reviewing existing controls and recommending any additional controls based on the DSP Toolkit specifications;
  • Reviewing the data protection impact assessment (DPIA) process and recommending improvements
  • Implementing the necessary business continuity and incident reporting procedures;
  • Updating and/or developing any required evidence in the form of policies and procedures to support the compliance programme; and
  • Helping you complete the submission and provide all necessary supporting documentation and evidence as required.
  • The on-site review will last up to 12 days. If preferred, this service can be delivered remotely.

How does this service work?

DSP Toolkit Fixed Implementation Service puts your compliance project into the hands of an experienced consultant who will help you understand your compliance needs and help you meet the requirements in less than three months.*

We’ll work with you to embrace any pre-existing practices and documentation while helping you deliver other important elements, thereby making sure that you can achieve compliance with minimal business disruption.

Why choose IT Governance to help with your DSP Toolkit compliance?

 Delivered specialists

Our experts have specialist experience in healthcare information governance and draw on deep knowledge of DSP Toolkit requirements.

 Cost effective

Our total compliance solutions save you and your organisation both money and effort.

 Support services

Choose from a wide range of services to support your compliance journey, including penetration testing, documentation templates, training, auditing, Cyber Essentials certification, cyber incident response management and more.



  • The service package applies to category 1, 2 and 4 organisations, as well as category 3 organisations that process a large amount of personal data.
  • If your business is located outside mainland UK (England, Scotland and Wales), additional expenses will be charged to accommodate our consultant’s travel for the on-site assessment.
  • Although our consultants will make all attempts to deliver the project in the shortest possible time frame, the project is dependent on client input, availability and cooperation.
  • It is important that you identify staff members to support the project with some experience in HR, IT and business continuity.
  • In order to support the DSP Toolkit compliance project, you will be required to identify individuals who can fulfil the following roles: data protection lead (for public organisations dealing with large volumes of personal data), information governance lead, Caldicott Guardian (if information that is not anonymised and pseudonymised is being processed), and a member of senior management who can make decisions relating to information security. These roles should not be held by the same person.

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