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DPO as a service for schools (GDPR)

DPO as a service for schools (GDPR)

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Format: Primary school
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Format: Secondary school
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Article 39 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires schools – as a public authority – to appoint a data protection officer (DPO).

We are adapting our DPO service to meet the needs and expectations of schools and trusts to offer you the highest level of expertise and advice available at a competitive price. As required by the Regulation, our DPO service is backed by professional, practical data protection law experience and our in-house legal team. Our service provides the impartial and independent expertise you need with the essential flexibility and affordability you demand. For multiple schools, please enquire.

What's included?

Our service is delivered by our in-house DPO team, which means there is always somebody there to support you. Availability is not affected by holidays or absence.

Please complete our credit application form if you do not have a school credit card.

Price: £2,600.00
ex vat

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What will this service include?

The service is in development but we expect it will include the following:

  • DPO advice and guidance
    Contact your DPO via telephone, email or live chat whenever you need advice or if you need guidance with a data breach or subject access request. Contact with the DPO is based on an agreed number of hours per year, with more hours available to purchase as required.

  • A sector-specific online portal
    Unlimited access to relevant guidance and an FAQ bank.

  • A primary contact for the supervisory authority
    The DPO will act as the key contact and communications channel between your organisation and the Information Commissioner’s Office.

  • Support with data breaches and subject access requests
    We will provide process documentation to support you in dealing with these and will offer advice as required.

  • An organisational GDPR gap analysis and compliance plan
    We will provide a sector-specific tool and guidance for you to review your school or trust’s readiness for the GDPR. From this, a compliance plan will be generated that we will review with you.

  • Initial training and support for your key contact
    To support your understanding, we include video training for the key contact. We are hoping to offer a day of face-to-face training to this individual once the service begins and we know how many schools are using it and where they are located.

  • A sector-specific GDPR pocket guide
    We are tailoring one of our bestselling pocket guides for schools and will provide this as part of the package.

  • Staff training
    To help ensure all permanent and supply staff understand their obligations, we include a staff awareness training presentation for you to introduce them to the GDPR.


As well as everything outlined, your data protection officer is available to your lead contact for the following number of hours divided into ten minutes per contact.

  • Primary schools: 18 hours per annum or six hours per term.
  • Secondary schools: 24 hours per annum or eight hours per term.


Please complete our credit application form if you do not have a school credit card.

The DPO as a service for schools is provided by GRCI Law Limited (GRCI Law), a specialist in data privacy, cyber and information security legal & compliance advisory services (and a subsidiary of GRC International Group plc).

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