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Cyber Essentials Certification and Precheck

Cyber Essentials Certification and Precheck

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Format: Annual certification
Availability: Always Available
  • Achieve Cyber Essentials certification first time with our quick and easy solution.
  • Our precheck support gives you the confidence your SAQ (self-assessment questionnaire) will be accepted by IASME.
  • Includes cyber insurance, one-to-one consultancy support and a certification guarantee*, which will bolster your organisation’s commitment to baseline cyber security.
  • Work with IT Governance, one of the founding Cyber Essentials certification bodies that remains one of the largest in the UK.
  • This is an annual subscription service. All elements of this service will renew automatically. Cyber Essentials certificates are valid for 12 months, in line with IASME requirements. You can cancel at any time. (T&Cs apply.)
Price: £500.00
ex. VAT

Cyber Essentials Certification and Precheck

This service is for organisations that have a high degree of knowledge of all five security controls and are comfortable carrying out all the preparations for certification themselves.

What's included?

  • A precheck of your Cyber Essentials questionnaire answers by one of our security experts, to ensure you have addressed all compliance requirements.
  • Access to the IASME portal where you will submit your self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ).
  • A certification guarantee.
  • Your Cyber Essentials certificate.

How the application process works:

  • We send you access details for the IASME Cyber Essentials portal via email.
  • You log onto the IASME portal where you will define your scope for testing and certification using your knowledge of the scheme.
  • You complete the IASME SAQ (self-assessment questionnaire).
  • We review your assessment and inform you if the SAQ meets the requirements of the Cyber Essentials scheme.
  • You confirm and submit your application on the IASME portal.
  • Subject to a positive outcome, we issue your Cyber Essentials certificate.

Is this service right for you?

  • You are confident in defining the scope of your assessment encompassing the entire organisation;
  • You own and operate your entire scope of IT infrastructure;
  • You are familiar with the five key controls covered in the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and how to meet them; or
  • You have previously certified and are looking to renew and your scope has not changed.

See what our customers think about this service

“Brilliant service from the team who were completely supportive of someone like me who runs a microbusiness and is hopeless with technical stuff. I am so grateful fo the handholding and advice you gave me.”

- Caroline


“Thanks for all your support, team – really appreciate your assistance in getting us through this in such a short space of time. Couldn’t recommend a better group of folk to work with!”

- Rowan Troy, Six Degrees Technology Group Limited


“Amazing Service, very friendly throughout and willing to help you every step through the process.”

- Ian


“IT Governance were very helpful and really focussed on what was needed to get the certification and have a more secure setup as part of the process (we did not just get assurance, we improved our assurance process).”

- Karl Axnick, Alscient Ltd


“Terry and Dan were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and provide quick and effective answers to any query I raised.”

- Anonymous


Benefits of Cyber Essentials certification

Protect your organisation

Implementing the five controls correctly will help protect your organisation from approximately 80% of cyber attacks.

Secure more business

Boost your reputation and have a greater chance of winning contracts.

Drive business efficiency

Focus on your core business objectives knowing that you are protected from the majority of cyber attacks.

Reduce cyber insurance premiums

Cyber insurance agencies often look more favourably on organisations that have achieved Cyber Essentials certification.

Work with the UK government & MoD

Cyber Essentials will permit you to work with the UK government and Cyber Essentials Plus will give you the opportunity to work with the MoD.

Demonstrate organisational security

Demonstrate your commitment to protecting your own data and that of your customers and suppliers within the supply chain.



  • If you are not successful on your first submission for Cyber Essentials, you have two working days to submit a further attempt for certification.
  • If you are not successful on your second submission, you will be required to wait one month before reattempting at the cost of a new application.
  • If you subsequently apply for IASME Cyber Essentials Plus certification and are unsuccessful, your Cyber Essentials certification may be revoked.

Customer Reviews

(4.95)stars out of 5
Number of reviews: 37
1. on 29/09/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
Easy to use and has very quick feedback. Very helpful staff at the beginning in helping me get set up. All-round very happy.
2. on 21/07/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
Excellent quality of pre-check feedback and a very great process from start to finish will be using the service again in the future.
3. on 12/04/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
Good help and advice available from Yvette during the process
4. on 30/03/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
Daniel Carbis - Professional, responsive and easy to deal with. Thank you.
5. on 30/03/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
Many thanks to George Rees for his assistance during our application. Very professional and responsive throughout.
6. on 30/03/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
I found Yvette and the team to be responsive, helpful and very efficient.
7. on 30/03/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
Jason and the team are very friendly. We have always received an informed and helpful service as if they are an extension of our business rather than just a supplier. Great team to work with!
8. on 29/03/2021, said:
4 stars out of 5
The Cyber Essentials Certification and Pre-check package is a MUST HAVE for new partners or small businesses, and completely negates the knowledge requirement for those unaware of the process surrounding the certification. However in a rush this service may not suit everyone, as a speedy turnaround is not always easy frustration can occur. In the end this service is well worth the price, especially for those lacking the needed knowledge. -Jacob, Technical Delivery Manager @ Alphascan
9. on 29/03/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
The Cyber Essentials Team were great - thank you for all your help.
10. on 24/03/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
Great communication from the team.
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