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CCTV Data Protection Policy

CCTV Data Protection Policy

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ISBN13: 9781787783089
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Easily create a GDPR-compliant CCTV data protection policy using our high-level templates, which you can customise to your organisation.

Developed by expert GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) practitioners, the set includes comprehensive guidance throughout to enable you to ensure your surveillance system meets GDPR requirements.

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CCTV Data Protection Policy overview

CCTV surveillance is increasingly used for the safety of organisations, their employees and customers, and people who share physical and digital spaces. Because CCTV captures images that could be used to identify people, the GDPR demands that organisations are transparent with the footage they obtain and hold.

The CCTV Data Protection Policy sets out the legal requirements for CCTV, to protect data subjects and your organisation. It provides a structure for managing CCTV effectively and has editable text areas to personalise the policy to your organisation’s surveillance system.

The CCTV Data Protection Policy provides comprehensive guidance on:

  • Why your organisation requires CCTV surveillance and how to use these systems appropriately;
  • How surveillance should be considered according to laws, regulations, codes of practice and standards;
  • What elements of privacy will need to be considered before using CCTV surveillance;
  • How to store and process CCTV records in accordance with the GDPR’s data processing principles;
  • Advertising CCTV systems and recording on your premises;
  • Selecting surveillance systems and outsourcing partners; and
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities regarding CCTV.

The CCTV Data Protection Policy includes fixed text, editable text fields, tables and checklists, so you can quickly and easily develop a customised policy for your CCTV surveillance system, while providing you with the structure and guidance required to ensure systems are GDPR compliant and transparent to employees, customers and members of the public.

What’s included?

The CCTV Data Protection Policy is a customisable policy template set comprising four documents:

  • CCTV Policy
  • Checklist
  • Privacy Information and Signage
  • Request for Access Decision Form
Technical information

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