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BS 31111 Gap Analysis Tool

BS 31111 Gap Analysis Tool

SKU: 4937
Format: Download
ISBN13: 9781849289917
Published: 26 Apr 2018
Availability: Available

The BS 31111 Gap Analysis Tool is designed to provide your organisation with a quick method for identifying where it is BS 31111 compliant.

Price: £24.95
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BS 31111 helps an organisation’s governing body and executive management manage cyber risk and resilience to create an effective cyber security regime.

The Standard is relevant to public, private and not-for-profit organisations of any size.

What does the tool do?

  • Monitors progress towards BS 31111 compliance; and
  • Identifies where you are complying and where you are falling short.

The tool is designed to work in any Microsoft environment. It does not need to be installed like software and is reliant on human involvement.

Discover where your company stands on BS 31111 compliance – buy the BS 31111 Gap Analysis Tool today!

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