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PCI DSS Remediation Service

Our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) implementation and continual improvement service helps organisations by documenting and providing a comprehensive plan for the remediation tasks required to fully comply with the relevant PCI DSS requirements.


Achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance within a timeframe that suits your business

PCI DSS remediation is an essential phase for organisations wishing to comply with the Standard. Although implementing these changes can be costly both in time and resources, an expert-driven remediation plan can significantly streamline compliance efforts.

Why is PCI DSS remediation so important?

We can assist you with a PCI DSS implementation project that will help your organisation achieve and maintain compliance with the Standard. Achieving PCI DSS compliance is a point-in-time event, but adhering to the PCI DSS and maintaining PCI DSS compliance is an ongoing process that should be part of a ‘business-as-usual’ approach to information security.

Our Qualified Security Assessors’ (QSAs) aim is not just to help customers achieve compliance but also to achieve an information security baseline that provides the organisation with an opportunity to reduce risk. Most organisations will find that at least one or more PCI DSS controls fall out of compliance between PCI DSS assessments. The cause is often some or all of the following:

  • A change to the PCI DSS (the latest version is 3.2), or the interpretation of the PCI DSS.
  • New software/technology that was not implemented with PCI DSS controls in mind.
  • A process or policy that is in need of modification.
  • Organisation, personnel or vendor changes.
  • A system that was not tested during the previous assessment.

Why choose IT Governance for PCI consultancy?

Our services provide a tailored route to PCI compliance, scalable to your budget and need.


We go further than a simple ‘yes/ no’ approach to understand better how security measures work.

We work in partnership to help you understand what is required and why giving you control.

We can offer expertise to vet compensating controls and determine whether they are acceptable.

Companies using our PCI DSS products and services:

"IT Governance were very professional and pragmatic in their approach, and displayed a level of understanding of our business that we found unique and refreshing.” Damien Everard, COO of Appletree.

The value of contracting a PCI DSS remediation service

Achieving PCI DSS compliance may require organisations to restructure not only their IT environment but also significantly retool their business processes. Finding a balance between compliance, security and resource management can be difficult when your team is running at optimal workloads, and the absence of a project roadmap can lead to increased costs, wasted effort, non-compliance and management discord.

Planning and scoping a PCI DSS compliance programme is key to its success. A poorly planned programme can have costly consequences. This is often because of poor advice at the outset, which resulted in incorrect scoping of the project, a mismanagement of process and sometimes the implementation of unnecessary technology.

By engaging with a QSA, they can help you:

  • Manage your team’s PCI DSS remediation efforts, delivering cost-effective solutions closely aligned with the target environment and your broader security strategy;
  • Deliver clear, implementable recommendations to bring you back in line; and
  • Provide accurate estimates and forecasts for the amount of effort required to achieve compliance, allowing you to focus on securing required budget and senior executive sponsorship.

Our PCI DSS Remediation service (click here to see our service description)

  • A PCI DSS remediation service conducted by an IT Governance QSA provides a thorough assessment of the controls you have implemented and establishes whether they meet the requirements of the Standard.

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